Reports of Moto Morini’s Death Appear to Be Un-True

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After we posted yesterday that Moto Morini had shut down its production line, amid the Italian company’s financial problems, other publications began covering the company’s complete closure. This caught the folks at Moto Morini off-guard, who while on an extended day-off, insist they are still keeping the production line functioning, if admittedly at a significantly reduced capacity.

According to Moto Morini, the company closed Monday for a traditional Italian holiday, and remained closed for an extra day after that. According to MCN, a spokesman for the company said that Moto Morini is still trading and producing bikes, “at present Moto Morini is only producing bikes to order while they clear a backlog of machines in stock. They remain optimistic about the future.”

While the good news is that Moto Morini’s demise appears to have been overstated, the response from the company is still bittersweet. Any company that has reduced its production to a per order basis, while having a backlong of machines in its stock, is upside down on its production line. Additionally, the lengthening of the holiday also sounds more like a holiday idling, than a generous holiday vacation.

Despite all this, Moto Morini is still actively looking for a potential buyer, and its operating sales, technical assistance and post-sales, as well as spare parts departments remain fully-functioning.

Source: MCN &