Rent Öhlins Suspension at Your Next Track Day

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NESBA, a track organization near and dear to our hearts here at Asphalt & Rubber, is trying out a new program that will allow its track day enthusiasts to rent Öhlins shocks during its track days. The program, which is sponsored by Spiegler Performance, costs only $150 and includes help from an Öhlins certified technician.

If a rider wants to buy the shock after using it, that $150 is applied towards the purchase price, which effectively makes this a try before you buy program for Öhlins and Spiegler. NESBA’s track day at Putnam Park on June 12th & 13th will be the first event to take advantage of this opportunity, but more events are planned, and will be announced on the NESBA forum.

Source: NESBA

Jensen Beeler

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