Update on the MV Agusta F3 – Available Fall 2011

02/24/2011 @ 9:29 pm, by Jensen Beeler6 COMMENTS

After unveiling the MV Agusta F3, the Italian company’s new three-cylinder supersport model, at the 2010 EICMA show with virtually no concrete specifications, MV Agusta has been quiet about its new motorcycle ever since. Expected to arrive as a 2012 model, the wait from unveiling to production has been excruciatingly long for those who fell in love with the F3’s take on Massimo Tamburini’s classic design.

Since its launch, the only progress we’ve seen is Castiglioni’s quoted target price steadily rising, so MV Agusta wants to make sure would-be buyers (and the press) remain intrigued by the model the newly liberated company is counting on for itsĀ future profitability. As such, MV Agusta has sent out a press release giving a status update on the 2012 MV Agusta F3, and the news bodes well for Italian motorcycle fans, as it suggests things are ahead of schedule in Varese.

Updating us with the F3’s developmental progress, MV Agusta is still light on the technical figures, but has said the 2012 MV Agusta F3 has done a number of laps around the test track, and the motor has spent considerable time on the test bench. Power output is currently at 133hp, with the motor revving to over 15,000 rpm. According to MV, this puts the F3 ahead of its benchmark figures for this stage of the development process, but doesn’t it still doesn’t comment about what the goals are for the final production model.

What we do know is that the MV Agusta F3 will use a ride-by-wire throttle assembly, along with MV Agusta’s trademark counter-rotating crankshaft design. This configuration, according to MV Agusta, makes the F3 more nimble in fast direction changes, and helps with weight transfer when accelerating.

We’ll have to see to those claims when MV Agusta let’s us take an F3 for a spin, but perhpas the biggest news from the company’s update is that they will begin production in September 2011, with bikes available for purchase in later days of autumn.

Source: MV Agusta

  • ML

    I just hope they offer this bike in a color other than red/silver.

  • Keith

    Good point ML. I wouldn’t mind seeing them in a color that says “I’ve got an MV Agusta and YOU are stuck on that godawful Honduh” you know the kind of color that only confident in themselves types get away with.

  • Spytech

    What about weight… was it mentioned? ive read rumors about 150kg, which is really light. seems they are not where they want to be with the engine, HP wise. last time they said they were at 137hp and that the goal was 140hp. 133hp puts them a bit far from their target, dont you think?

    140hp + 150kg = instant success.

    anything less and their looks and history will not be enough to keep them alive.

  • Other Sean

    Gorgeous machine, stinks they’re waiting so long to get it to market. If I was in the market for a 600, my pocketbook would be in trouble.

    Hopefully they’ve done something about maintenance costs. MV’s historically make Ducati service cost look reasonable!

  • BikePilot

    133hp sounds excellent to me for a supersport class machine. I’d love to see what it looks like without the passenger pegs and brackets.

  • Pete

    i’m less concerned about 5 HP. this bike needs to be attainable and priced competitively with its 600cc competition