Pope’s Harley-Davidson Fetches $329,000 at Auction

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Ever heard of Guardian Bells? They are these little novelty bells that you affix to your motorcycle to ward off “Evil Road Spirits.” You know, because nothing terrifies demonic spirits more than a little tinkle from the back end of your v-twin.

Well whoever was the marketing “genius” behind the Guardian Bell has nothing on the hustle of Pope Francis. The current leader of the Catholic Church, and champion of the oppressed and downtrodden, recently sent his signed 2013 Harley-Davidson Dyna Super Glide to auction along with its companion leather jacket.

So what is a papal-blessed cruiser worth? The bike and jacket sold for roughly $329,000 at auction in Paris at the Bonhams auction house.

If you think that’s expensive, consider that this is probably the holiest hog in the world (it’s still not kosher or halal though). It has been reported that proceeds from the auction will go towards restoring a homeless hostel and soup kitchen in Rome.

Before you go hunting for Google images, no, the Pope never did ride the bike. Maybe chrome or 45° v-twin heads just aren’t his thing? I see him more as a Honda Cub kind of guy though, being a populist and all that.

Source: UPI