Polaris Posts 41% Sales Revenue Gain for Q2 2011

07/20/2011 @ 9:27 am, by Jensen Beeler6 COMMENTS

Polaris has been the company on the move in 2011, and its second quarter earnings show why. Gobbling up Indian and then later GEM, Polaris has shown that it has an appetite for growth, which has been fueled by its strong sales, which have increased in revenue by 41% over Q2 2010. Perhaps more impressive is that the American company has parlayed that increase in revenue into a 90% increase in net income over the same time period, which has been a boon for the company’s shareholders and a testament to the company’s reduced-cost structures.

The “don’t call it a recession” company found strong growth in the United States, with sales increasing 43% domestically, while sales abroad were up 35%. Polaris’s on-road sales, which is comprised mostly of Victory motorcycles, was up 99% in sales revenue ($30.9 million) and 40% by unit sales (US), which marks that brand’s continued upward sales trend. International on-road sales were up 34%, though Polaris is not providing concrete unit sales numbers to any of these percentage growths, which makes it a bit frustrating to get an accurate picture of how the company, and its Victory line of motorcycles, are doing compared to the rest of the industry.

Source: Polaris

  • BikePilot

    Great news. Just from casual observation I’d have to guess that their line of UTVs has a lot to do with the sales growth.

  • Mark

    I think BikePilot got it right. The Ranger UTVs and especially the RZR are big for Polaris.

  • Other Sean

    Yeah, while “yay” for them, it’s not apples to apples with the Harley story below. Not that Jensen is saying it is…

  • Not on the motorcycle side of things it isn’t, but the big takeaway here is Polaris is crushing it. This is a company with a lot of momentum, a lot of cash, and a lot of happy shareholders, which also just happened to buy the oldest motorcycle brand in the United States. If I was Harley-Davidson, I’d have more than just an eye on Polaris right now.

  • Dan

    Makes one wonder if there was ever an offer made by Polaris to purchase Buell. Wondering when/if they’re going to start making sport bikes. Either way I’m very happy to see the little snowmobile company doing so well.

  • Tom

    This is again why I have to point out a terrifying word to the Harley Cultists – diversification. Harley lacks this while Polaris and everyone else does not. Every investor with a brain cell knows not to put all the investment into one place, but rather to spread the risk so that if one area falters then another area can pick up the slack and even excel. Unlike Harley, Polaris has made acquisitions that expand its creative and marketing portfolio whereas Harley would just buy a company and then ignore it then shut it down or sell it at a massive loss.