Polaris Packs Up Manufacturing and Moves to Mexico

05/21/2010 @ 6:21 am, by Jensen Beeler18 COMMENTS

In about 18 months, roughly a thousand workers will be out of a job at the Polaris plant in Osceola, Wisconsin. In that timeframe Polaris plans to close the Osceola plant, and move its production south of the border to Mexico. The move comes about as Polaris looks to increase production efficiency (i.e. lower production costs with cheaper labor), which will then allow the company to be more competitive with its products’ positions in their respective marketplaces.

Polaris will continue to produce snowmobiles at its Roseau, Minnesota plant, and motorcycles at its Spirit Lake, Iowa plant, however some operations from both of these plants will be relocated to Mexico as well.

The only good news for American laborers in this story is that Polaris is in the process of selling pieces of its manufacturing processes and equipment to suppliers in the Osceola area, so they can continue to make components for the north star company. Thanks for the tip Dan!

Source: WCCO (CBS Local Affiliate)

  • buellracerx

    congratulations, Polaris. You have just lost a fan of over 10 years. Disappointing…

  • Dan

    So will the Mexicans then buy the products that the newly-unemployed workers won’t be buying? Once again a US company thinking about the fiscal quarter instead of the century.

  • Sean Mitchell

    Glad I don’t have a Polaris/Victory and I’ll never buy one now. Do they get much snow in Mexico?

  • Harumph

    Shrewd move, Mexico is the perfect place for testing snowmobiles.

  • Hayabrusa

    Yep, a real head-scratcher. Dan, you’re right on the money! Although, I have known plenty of people in Northern MN involved with one of their component makers (Team Industries), and that company is a joke. So, really, if Mexico takes some of Team Ind. work, I can’t see that it could get much worse.

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  • crt

    of workers..what do the unions expect…most are lazy,slow,whiners…and depend on non union workers to support their retirement..that hurts 90 % of all other americans…
    And these union call non union workers scabs….and in reality…no one can say different without lying to ones self….unions are scab suckers…right or scab eaters…unions now depend on non union worker….I hate that they are moving…but…it’s OBAMAs and the unions fault…
    thank you and dwell and a spell…

  • Dan

    crt, it’s Obama’s fault? This is the result of decades of the crappiest trade policy imaginable. If this is the type of negotiation you got from a salesman, you’d fire him for giving away the farm. China is kicking our ass in a full-blown trade war, and our “army” in the battle is just beyond criticism, they are really only helping corporations make quarterly returns by outsourcing to China’s .25 per hour slaves and Mexico’s .75 per hour slaves, thus eliminating manufacturing from our economy while pumping all of our capital into another, competing economy faster than a BP well pumps oil up a fisherman’s ass.
    But one thing you are right about, the pathetic work ethic of some of America’s workers, irrespective of union affiliation or non, has been a real problem. The arrogance and laziness of many companies has astounded me, and sometimes chased me to China to source components- not by choice. American companies 4 years ago would actually refuse to work for money. It was astounding and frustrating. Now, though, because Americans are getting hungry again, we are moving work back here. Funny cycle. Glad to be bringing work back here. Now if our government just thought it was a good idea to manufacture in the US….

  • crt

    yes obama is a scab suckers sucker…he has bolster there lazy asses…..you are wrong…he has more than allowed the immigrants to flood in…yes it took decades to ruin…but obama has let them suck off the scabs..he worked this deal…not any other president…OBAMA IS A COMMIE turd…Deal with the truth…yes Unions are to blame about where the unions got…but UBAMA made it worse….look at them silly dummies showing up at families homes…tacky and low grade scum..
    just like the president…SCUM COMMIE…

  • crt

    companies are leaving america…what planet you from…

  • Nathan

    I’ve been a loyal and proud owner of Polaris products since 1971. I am so ashamed at Polaris’ decision to turn their backs on American workers. It’s not right. If this really happens I will not be buying any more Polaris products. This disgusts me!

  • Dan

    crt, I feel like I just showed up for a debate and they accidentally scheduled it against the “special” school.
    No, but your clearly well-read. The way you support your arguments shows that with your intellectual pedigree you’re quite beyond reproach.

    Seriously, though, I did leave out the fact that our government does great things to support business, we shouldn’t forget how lucky we are to live here. Trade policy, however, is an area which needs work, in my opinion.

  • Greg

    CRT=Smart as yogurt.

  • Hayabrusa

    Hey Fellas –

    We need to leave the political bickering to some other site – this is motorcycles (and associated motorized recreational products)!! Nathan is right about the loyalty thing – I am in the same situation with GM shutting down Pontiac – loyal owner for 30 years, will be moving on to something else (non-GM) in the futre.

  • Wilford

    We have a small powersports shop, and we quit working on Polaris sometime back, poorly engineered and quality control was terrible. We will put Polaris in the junk heap with the chinese crap out back of the shop in the scrap metal bins.
    But this latest moves shows their true colors. But there is truth to the unionized worker
    riding the backs of all non-union labor.
    We are done with Polaris, and we will never own one in our lifetime. I called them and told them so, the person answering the phone, hadnt even heard, and went into shock right there. Im sure that office went crazy after we hung up.

    Lets hope Arctic Industries doesnt make the same lame move.

  • Josh

    Stupid Stupid move man people including me will no longer purchase polaris vehicles now there is only one american made sled and it’s Cat never thuoght i would say this but Cat here i come….

  • Argie

    I’m not as smart as some here, cause i can’t figure out how unionized workers ride the back of non union labor.
    Polaris is a non union company to begin with, and obviously the non unionized are paid too much as well…lol
    and crt, scabs are union busters, not non union workers.

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