Piaggio to Rebuild Canadian Dealer Network

06/09/2010 @ 6:16 pm, by Jensen Beeler6 COMMENTS

After moving its Canadian distribution to its United States office last year, the Piaggio Group is pledging to improve its Canadian dealer network and customer relations. The move out of Canada, which reportedly has spurned law suits, is just one example of the major problems Piggio is experiencing in North America, as even the United States office isn’t exactly known for its great dealer support and customer service (just ask your local Aprilia owner how long it takes to get replacement parts).

Despite this, Piaggio Group worldwide CEO Paoli Timoni says the company is committed to restoring its relationships with its Canadian customers. “About 50% of our dealers have stayed with us [since the move offices to the US] and the plan is to have 50 to 55 dealers total across Canada by the end of 2010,” says Timoni. The Piaggio Group has sold roughly 1,100 motorcycles in North America in Q1 of 2010, down from the 6,400 units it sold in Q1 of 2009

Source: Dealer News

  • RSVDan

    Replacement parts? You must be kidding! Aprilia is at a 98% fill rate within two weeks! I challenge any manufacturer to better that! This wasn’t always the case, but let’s let the past lay and be accurate about the present.

  • From a dealer other than AF1?

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  • Rob L

    Piaggio, the scooter king himself said (we are not in the parts business) And what about poor Moto Guzzi? ARRRRGGGG!!!

  • Ape Factory

    I actually never had any problem getting parts from my local dealer in Florida. Lots of editorializing in that article and use of obvious non-facts.

    Aprilia’s big problem is they do need more than a handful of quality dealers around the U.S. Hopefully this effort in Canada will lead to an improved dealer network in the U.S. Truth be told though, Ducati and MV Agusta are no better off and just as sporadic in my home state.

  • RSVDan

    To Jensen: Yes, from dealers other than AF1. That fill rate is from the U.S. warehouse, so any Aprilia dealer can get nearly anything you need within two weeks from the U.S. warehouse. If they tell you otherwise, you are dealing with an incompetent dealer. Granted, Aprilia definitely need more dealers like AF1, Scuderia West and Pro Italia. But let’s be honest, how many truly kickass Japanese dealers are there anymore? Most are no better than box stores, and that is the kind of customer service you receive.