Fresh on the heels of Wisconsin’s Harley-Davidson branded license plates, the Keystone State is set to make Harley-Davidson the official motorcycle of Pennsylvania. An honor already bestowed by Wisconsin this past February, Pennsylvania also has a bill in the state’s House of Representatives that would give special status to the Bar & Shield.

Sponsored by┬áRepresentative William Kortz (D-Allegheny County), the Pennsylvania law would pay homage to the “thousands of Harley-Davidson enthusiasts [who] have trekked to York to witness firsthand the living legacy of Harley-Davidson USA.” The bill continues on with some feel-good patriotic sentiment, saying that “the Harley-Davidson motorcycle is a true-blue American iron horse manufactured in Pennsylvania by American workers using American steel.”

It probably helps that Rep. Kortz comes from the steel industry, but we doubt that the bill wasn’t in-part coaxed to life by a certain two-wheeled manufacturer. We’ll just renew our argument that the blurring of the lines between State and advertisement is worrisome, but perhaps not as much as the fact that Harley-Davidson still thinks it can sell motorcycles with the same red, white, and blue rhetoric.

I’m not sure if that bothers me more as an American, or as a former resident of Pennsylvania. Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

  • Chris

    You can’t get more American than Harley Davidson its all about the dollar$.

  • So when do you think they’ll start making a motocycle??

  • Kevin

    As a current resident of PA, I’d stamp this with a big WTF…

  • Kevin

    As a follow up to my WTF stamp…

    Jensen touches on this in the article, but one thing that bothers me, aside from the misappropriation of time and money, is the not-so-veiled attempt at marketing a consumer product through the state government. How about making Coleman Camping Trailers the official camper of PA or Channel Lock the official pliers of PA or Pyrex the official cookware of PA? Maybe we can do like NASCAR and plaster Tastycake across the front of the new prisons being built. These are all “Made in PA” products too, why not throw them a bone? Maybe a corporate sponsorship or two could help pay for all of the education budget cuts.

  • Alex

    @ Kevin- you joke but we are well on our way there. They call those projects a P3, Public/Private Partnership. Right now it’s just engineering and construction firms putting their own money up for roads and bridges but dont be surprised the day you see “Tastykake High School of Philadelphia”.

  • Richard Gozinya

    @ Kevin: Sounds like the next step to making Jane Government a reality.

  • irksome

    “1000’s of HD enthusiasts (who) have trekked to York to witness first-hand the living legacy…”.

    What’s that, the $17 an hr “casual” workers with no benefits or the public sodomizing of the unions?

  • Richard Gozinya

    Whoops, that’s Jennifer Government.