Roid Rage? Paul Sr. Named in Illegal Steroid Case

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In a case being prosecuted in Florida, a former dentist has plead guilty to supplying a number for high-profile athletes and celebrities with various steroid and performance-enhancing drugs. Among the names being pulled out of his business records is Paul Teutul Sr. of Orange County Choppers and the popular television show American Chopper.

According to the seized documents, Paul Sr. received dozens of prescriptions for steroids and HGH (human growth hormone). The scripts for these drugs were written by the plaintiff in the case, Dr. James M. D’Amico, along with three other Florida physicians, culminating in over a four years of use.

This news of course comes as virtually no surprise to anyone who has ever watched the show American Chopper.

The specifics of the case show the dirty underbelly of professional medicine gone wrong, and how pharmacies looking for healthy revenue boosts are not only brokering patients to unscrupulous physicians, but also taking a blind-eye towards checking the credentials and legitimacy of suspicious prescriptions.

According to the case records, Paul Sr. received 73 prescriptions between the dates of August 2, 2002 and October 3, 2006. Costing $51,784.78, the senior Teutul reportedly received HGH along with the steroids testosterone, nandrolone, and stanozolol. On the orders were Paul Sr.’s date of birth, Social Security number, telephone numbers, and three addresses (one of which was at 10 Factory Rd. Montgomery, New York in Orange County).

Other names being mentioned in the D’Amico’s business records are former Major League Baseball players Paul Byrd, Jose Guillen, and former five-time All Star Matt Williams. All of these players were previously busted for receiving performance-enhancing drugs from D’Amico from the San Francisco Chronicle’s investigation into steroid use in MLB.

Source: Times Union; Photo: © D Sharon Pruitt / Creative Commons – Attribution 2.0 Generic