Parker Brothers Does Daniel Simon’s Cosmic Detonator

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We’re big fans of Daniel Simon’s work here at Asphalt & Rubber, especially his Cosmic Motors series. Stocked with some of the most imaginative illustrations of vehicles from an alternate reality, Simon’s two-wheeled pièce de résistance is the Cosmic Motors Detonator motorcycle.

For reasons that probably resemble our work-induced daydreams, Parker Brothers Choppers (PBC), the same firm that brought you the rideable TRON Lightcycle and Batman’s Batpod, has built a functional, albeit unlicensed, version of Simon’s Cosmic Motors Detonator. To the company’s credit though, the build overall seems fairly true to the sketches and renders done by Simon.

Though bringing the fantasy to reality, PBC aparently did not get the nod from Daniel Simon for this project, as the artist’s website now states the following disclaimer: “THERE IS NO CONNECTION BETWEEN A FLORIDA-BASED MOTORCYCLE COMPANY AND DANIEL SIMON / COSMIC MOTORS LLC. NO DESIGNS OR PRODUCTS HAVE BEEN AUTHORIZED BY DANIEL SIMON AND COSMIC MOTORS LLC TO THAT COMPANY.”

While we’ll have to wait and see what comes from Parker Brothers Choppers lifting of Simon’s design, but the build itself is fairly interesting. Powered by two 96 volt motors that are mounted into the hub of the 27″ rear wheel, PBC’s Detonator has enough battery on board to boast an 80-100 mile range. Tested up to 120 mph, PBC Operations Manager Jeff Halverston reports that “it’s not the easiest bike to ride.” Yeah, but it probably turns a few heads.

Source: Wired via AutoBlog