Oregon Enters the Debate – Considers Lane Splitting

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As a motorcyclists in California, we honestly don’t understand how the other 49 states get along without having lane splitting laws on the books, yet that is the case (for now at least). Although recently Texas and Arizona declined to adopt such provisions for their own motorcyclists, our cousins to the north in Oregon are contemplating allowing lane splitting.

Holding an open forum at 6:30 PM tonight in Portland, the Oregon Governor’s Advisory Committee for Motorcycle Safety is considering a recommendation for a lane splitting provision be included in the Oregonian Traffic Code, if public sentiment at the open forum favors such a move.

Lane splitting, when done prudently, benefits motorcyclists in a variety of ways, most prominently by allowing air-cooled motorcycles not to overheat (even liquid-cooled bikes don’t last long sitting in traffic), as well as increasing the overall flow of traffic, and arguably increasing rider safety by allowing a motorcyclists to position themselves alongside an automobile (something drivers are more likely to see than a motorcyclist) while moving in slow traffic.

Riders of Oregon get out and rock the vote  by attending this forum (and see what you can do on this whole not pumping your own gas thing when in your car…it’s just ridiculous).

Source: About Motorcycles; Photo: Travel Salem / Creative Commons – Attribution-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic