According to the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA), the the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is offering law enforcement agencies funding incentives to setup checkpoints that target only motorcyclists. Based off a controversial program used by the New York State Police, the NHTSA is offering $350,000 in grants to five law enforcement agencies to run the program, which if successful could be further funded and expanded across the entire United States.

The checkpoints, which derive their legality from DUI checkpoint court rulings, primarily look for motorcyclists riding without a license or DOT approved helmet, and cite riders for aftermarket exhaust and lighting modifications. However the checkpoints fundamentally differ from DUI checkpoints in that they specifically are targeting a minority group of citizens (DUI checkpoints involve all motorists), and are doing so with no presumption that there is an increased risk to motorcyclists and the community as a whole when the checkpoints are being conducted.

Taking issue with the program’s funding, the AMA has asked the NHTSA, to suspend the grant program until questions raised by the motorcycling community are addressed.

“How do motorcycle-only checkpoints increase the safety of motorcyclists?” Ed Moreland, AMA senior vice president for government relations, wrote in a letter to NHTSA Administrator David Strickland on August 9th. “Will ‘probable cause’ be required to stop a motorcycle under the terms of this grant program? If so, what will constitute probable cause?”

The AMA is urging all riders to contact Strickland and the NHTSA, and ask that the discriminatory Motorcycle Law Enforcement Demonstration grant program be suspended until questions raised by the motorcycling community are addressed. Contacting Strickland and the NHTSA has been made easier with the AMA’s action alert program. Click here to have your voice heard (link will bring up a new window, click “take action” for a pre-formated email to David Strickland at the NHTSA).

Source: AMA

  • TwinMe


    Allways coming up with NEW GREAT WAYS and IDEAS to grab us by the Sack.
    U.S.A….Home of the State’s Pawns.

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  • Isaac

    So, ‘we’ are the bad guys now? Notice how they threw in aftermarket exhausts and light mod’s. And on one mention of an actual safety item. They just want to turn us into ATM machines. I guess it’s okay for a car to modded huh?

  • Steveo

    If these are saftey oriented why are officers mostly on harleys with shirts and skull caps. I asked that in my message???

  • Gabriel

    Wouldn’t you’d think with the economy in the States at the moment that they’d have a better use for the (5 * $350,000.00) $1.75 million they are wasting on this.

  • marshall

    drunken car drivers obviously pose way more of a threat to people’s lives, ESPECIALLY motorcyclists’ lives, than drunken motorcycle riders. why on earth would they pick on us in particular when (i assume, roughly) the same resources are needed to set up the checkpoint for cars or bikes? what’s their explanation for this??

  • Jeff

    Rackteers….yes govt always makes your life better. BS!

  • Sean Mitchell

    It’s getting to be like jolly ole’ England. Whoever came up with this idea, F$%& you.

  • CarpeDNA

    I found where the New York State Police have given a review of their side of the argument. This idea stems mostly from the death of a state trooper who lost control of his car trying to catch a fleeing motorcyclist. I am tired of people not taking responsibility for their actions in this country. The trooper, acting in the way he thought was best, drove beyond his ability- that was his fault, not the motorcyclist’s. I am saddened that he died but it is even sadder that we as Americans lose rights to personal freedoms because we decide to blame others for actions WE take.

    Please take the time to read what the Police Chief Magazine has to say-