Help Name That KTM 125

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KTM is looking for some help in naming its 125 Race and 125 Stunt bikes that were debuted at the 2009 EICMA show. When we saw these bikes launched in Milan, we couldn’t help but want one…even if they’re targeted towards kids. Knowing that the Austrian company’s relatively bland naming nomenclature isn’t likely to resonate with the kids of today, KTM is looking for some insight on how to capture this younger audience, and if they pick your entry you can claim a 125 Race or Stunt bike for your very own.

KTM has confirmed that both the KTM 125 Race and KTM 125 Stunt will be early-2011 models (in Europe only). The bikes are based off the KTM single-cylinder 125cc dirt-bike motor, and make 15hp with fuel-injection and DOHC. The idea behind the 125 project is to engage motorcyclists with the KTM brand at a younger age, and hopefully make them Ride Orange through-out their lives.

Still, do you think you have the perfect name for these creations? You can submit it to KTM on their special Facebook page. For our part, we think Jackhammer 9000 Pokeman would be an awesome name, but there might be some trademark issues. They could always partner with Hello Kitty, they’ll put their name on anything.

Source: Facebook via