MV Agusta USA Boss Confirms Small-Displacement Motorcycle is in the Works

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Autoblog‘s Jeremy Korzeniewski got a chance to talk with MV Agusta USA boss man Larry Ferracci, where the Director of Operations confirmed that MV Agusta is working on a small-displacement motorcycle, saying “a smaller displacement bike is definitely in the plans for MV Agusta in the near-term future.” The news should be somewhat obvious to A&R regulars, as the “F3”, as its been called, three-cylinder prototype has been spotted both on the road and on the track several times now in F4 fairings.

MV Agusta is of course still in motorcycling pergatory as it waits to be divested from Harley-Davidson. There are reportedly two groups looking to purchase MV Agusta, with one group being lead by both Claudio Castiglioni & Federico Minoli, of MV Agusta and Ducati fame. Until a purchase by either group goes through, the small-displacement MV “F3” seems to be also stuck in limbo, but would presumably serve as a cheaper entry point into the MV line if it were to be produced.

More as we get it on both of these stories.

Source: Autoblog