MV Agusta: “We Must Now Go Forward”

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Most of the internet is still abuzz over the news of Buell’s demise (don’t worry, your friends who read print magazines will hear the news in a month or two), but for the people at MV Agusta, right now is perhaps even more precarious because their future is uncertain. Harley-Davidson’s decision to circle the wagons around the HD brand, meant for MV that they would once again be up for auction to the highest bidder. This timing perhaps comes at the absolute worst moment, as the Italian brand was finally having to come to terms with how it would move forward as a company without Massimo Tamburini inking the designs.

This flutter by MV Agusta to find its feet is portrayed by this year’s revision, or lack of reivision as the case may be, of the Brutale and soon-to-be released F4. While 80% of the 2010 Brutale iss comprised of new parts, the overall look and character of the streetfighter remains tied to last year’s model. For the F4, many are expecting more of the same. For a company that has its feet planted firmly on the ground, going back to the well can be an ominous sign. With MV Agusta, whose future is uncertain, things bode even worse.

President Claudio Castiglioni is less concerned though. Hoping for strong launches from both the Brutale and F4, Castiglioni is also hoping the future of MV Agusta will rest on the its product line extensions, the first of which is the rumored MV Agusta F3. That future could also be secured by proper ownership, which many, including Castiglioni, believe should come once again from Italy.

“MV is in a good position. After Tamburini left us, our capacity to do another great bike had been diminished. So we must now go forward and resume interrupted work. To be honest, I think it would be logical – from the business perspective – that MV should move back into Italian ownership.”

For MV Agusta, the quickly approaching EICMA convention will be its first major public interaction since the Harley-Davidson announcement. Obviously all eyes will be on the bikes at the show, but eyes will also be on the company as a whole. For many, EICMA will be the moment where MV Agusta shows us that it can continue as a company, and Claudio doesn’t seem to be worried about that fact.

“We are preparing to put up a great show at EICMA in Milan this year, where MV will unveil two new bikes. It would have been better for us had this news [of Harley’s decision to sell MV] come out later. But I am told this news had to be released immediately due to the requirements of the American Stock Exchange. But, perhaps, it’s just as well. MV is a strong brand, loved by all. The bikes that we will present at EICMA will be even more appreciated.”

Asphalt & Rubber will be at EICMA in the coming month, and will bring you the first glimpses into MV’s new line-up.

Source: Motociclismo