MV Agusta No Longer Allowed to Sell Bikes in California

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Tough news today for MV Agusta dealers and potential buyers, as the Italian motorcycle brand is no longer allowed to sell motorcycles in the State of California.

The California Department of Motor Vehicles of vehicle makers that are no longer licensed to conduct business within the Golden State’s borders, and as you can imagine, the names are usually those of fly-by-night or foreign entities with less-than-reputable backgrounds.

In its most recent release, sent to dealers and registration services, the California DMV named MV Agsuta USA as one of the companies whose license to operate in California is no longer valid, which means 2014 model year machines can no longer be sold in California (we’re not sure how this affects 2013 and earlier machines that remain unsold at dealerships).

Seeing its license lapse on July 31st in 2013, MV Augsta USA has apparently been unable to rectify the situation with the CA DMV in a timely fashion, and now finds itself in a very precarious position.

According to some of the MV Agusta dealers we spoke with, the situation is already being addressed by MV Agusta USA, but getting the paperwork in order and processed could take several months.

This means that California MV Agusta dealers will be unable to sell new MV Agusta motorcycles (this does not affect used MV Agusta sales) during the busiest time of the year for motorcycle sales.

It also means that the largest motorcycle markets in the USA, which is surely an important market for MV Agusta’s overall sales, will be out of commission for the foreseeable future.

What that will mean for MV Agusta USA and MV Agusta S.p.A.’s overall sales and future is uncertain, and will likely depend on how long it takes to rectify things with the State of California.

Source: CA DMV