Tough news today for MV Agusta dealers and potential buyers, as the Italian motorcycle brand is no longer allowed to sell motorcycles in the State of California.

The California Department of Motor Vehicles publishes a list of vehicle makers that are no longer licensed to conduct business within the Golden State’s borders, and as you can imagine, the names are usually those of fly-by-night or foreign entities with less-than-reputable backgrounds.

In its most recent release, sent to dealers and registration services, the California DMV named MV Agsuta USA as one of the companies whose license to operate in California is no longer valid, which means 2014 model year machines can no longer be sold in California (we’re not sure how this affects 2013 and earlier machines that remain unsold at dealerships).

Seeing its license lapse on July 31st in 2013, MV Augsta USA has apparently been unable to rectify the situation with the CA DMV in a timely fashion, and now finds itself in a very precarious position.

According to some of the MV Agusta dealers we spoke with, the situation is already being addressed by MV Agusta USA, but getting the paperwork in order and processed could take several months.

This means that California MV Agusta dealers will be unable to sell new MV Agusta motorcycles (this does not affect used MV Agusta sales) during the busiest time of the year for motorcycle sales.

It also means that the largest motorcycle markets in the USA, which is surely an important market for MV Agusta’s overall sales, will be out of commission for the foreseeable future.

What that will mean for MV Agusta USA and MV Agusta S.p.A.’s overall sales and future is uncertain, and will likely depend on how long it takes to rectify things with the State of California.

Source: CA DMV

  • Rob

    MV, floundering? No way…..

  • Bob

    What is the cause of this action? Was this simply an oversight on MV Agusta’s part in renewing the license, or did their license get pulled for some reason?

  • AntiHero

    Must be some sort of stipulation that in order to be a dealer you have to sell more than 12 vehicles per year.

  • BBQdog

    I am not familiar with US law, but couldn’t they simple ship the bikes to another state and let Californian customers buy their bikes there for the moment ??

  • You can’t register a new bike in California if it’s from out of state.

  • Bob, not sure. It’s the weekend so no one at MV USA HQ to call. Considering their license lapsed in July of last year, I’d guess it was some sort of oversight.

  • smiler

    Land of the free, as long as you have the bureaucrazy in order.

  • Phil Klosterman

    Keep voting for democrats, this is what you get

  • Layne Stewart

    Thanks for the completely ignorant comment Phil. Don’t renew your drivers license, then when you get pulled over, blame the situation on one if your state’s senators. I’m sure the police officer will understand.
    Having a license lapse is generally from not renewing before the expiration date. Being a fan of MV, this is sad news. If it was an oversight of the MV company, I am sure they won’t do it again.

  • Eric

    Seeing that it affects California and not the nation, I am sure it has to do with emissions requirements. Just another way to charge more money to pay for the wonderful social programs here in this liberal welfare state.

  • Sid

    Phil & Eric – your comments are foolish even if there was enough info available about this situation but since there is not enough info yet, your comments make you look like a complete dork

  • Spamtasticu

    Phil is only half wrong. He should have said , vote for any person into office, regardless of party, without making damn sure they have libertarian principles of respecting the Constitution and this is what you get. Why does a motorcycle manufacturer need a freaking license to sell motorcycles in a state? Why do they and us need permission from government to do business with eachother? Like here in Florida where even interior decorators need a license to arrange cushions. Where did we say as a country that we were ok with allowing bureacrats and politicians to decide who cant and can not do business whith whom? I bet you this license is merely another way to flece people like the red light cameras that were put out under the guise of “safety”

  • Bob

    Let’s not turn this into a discussion about politics . . . which it isn’t about.

    As a dealer, we are saddened by this event and the (hopefully short-term) impact it will have on the brand, CA dealers and potential customers . . . and this just when MV bikes were looking (and performing) well and regaining wide-spread acceptance. Let’s hope that MV cures this problem quickly and learns a lesson. There really is no excuse to miss a critical deadline.

  • “…getting the paperwork in order and processed could take several months”. Anyone who’s ever had the misfortune of needing a part from Italy for their Italian bike between July and September is nodding their head right now: commerce comes to a screeching halt while the entire country goes on vacation, which is probably how that July 31st deadline got missed in the first place. Ah, Italy…where the phrase “don’t sweat the small stuff” applies to pretty much everything. Even the big stuff.

  • Jeff

    Heather McCoy, aren’t you little miss perfect.

  • aleks

    Actually Heather is pretty awesome….

  • Not really sure what you mean by that, Jeff, but maybe it’s me who should clarify: the latin balance of work and play can’t make a dent in my love of Italian bikes, and regardless of the cause of the California debacle, I’m still gettin’ me an F3. That indeed does make me perfect.

  • Faust

    If that’s the Heather from RevGirl, then yes, she is pretty awesome. And knows Italian bikes!

  • ZootCadillac

    Heather. Some of us just pop in a take it off the shelf :)

  • Matt Higgins

    Maybe the reason is that it’s upside down!

  • Eric

    There is nothing foolish about the truth as California is what it is! We can leave the name calling to the dork!

  • Left Coast Tim

    Much ado about nothing. This is only temporary, and all they would have to do is put some miles on the bikes and sell them as “demo units”, then let the lawyers fight it out. When it finally shakes-out the issue will have been resolved.

  • david

    Where in this article does it state that the Govt of CA is to blame here? What I read is that MV did not do what apparently all other Corps do to conduct business in the state hence they are no longer allowed. But of course the Morons come out and just start talking their Hannity Best. Tesla Cannot sell cars in TX, NJ and AZ. All what? R states. Why? Well because in the land of Oil they Good Old boys in charge are owned by the Fossil Fuel syndicate. But Morons above will continue, shouldn’t you be on a Benghazi forum?

  • DareN

    Thank you for your insightful and balanced entry. Please, do not come back again…

  • Bob

    MV is in the process of resolving this right now. Hopefully within 3-4 weeks it will be resolved and we will be able to again sell those beautiful 2014 models.

  • Chuck

    @Phil Klosterman – You got that right (sarcasm). Just like the republican governors of TX and NJ refuse to let Tesla sell direct to customers in that state. Go republicans! Block new businesses!

    Moron. This was failure to do the proper paperwork that they have been doing since they started selling them in CA, like every other company has had to file each each. Nothing more.

  • Jake

    MV Agusta (and Red state mouth breathers) : Business license? We don’t need no stinking business license!

    Derp. Of course you don’t, as long as you don’t plan on selling anything.

  • Chaz Michael Michaels

    Next headline will read “MV Banned from sales in Nevada until it pays gambling debts.”

    Next…”MV Banned from sales in NJ until its pays its stripper bills.”

  • Fred Thomas

    MV Agusta? Oh yes. I remember them.

    Aren’t they the Italian equivalent to Harley Davidson? Swap the chrome with carbon fiber and change the owners clothes and it’s much the same thing. Nice looking bikes but it takes a lot more than that to compete with the Germans and the Japanese in selling performance bikes. Sure they are nice to ride to Starbucks for attention but some buyers really want more than that.

    It’s a shame the trendy people in California can’t get more attention now. Perhaps they will patch things up and it will be a victory for the narcissists.