Motus Lands West Coast Dealerships

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When Motus released the final details on its inaugural 2013 Motus MST motorcycle, we were shocked to see that the Alabama company did not have any dealerships lined up for west of The Rockies (surely the bigger shock felt by others was the $30,000+ price tag). Well that has changed now according to Motus, which has signed up four West Coast dealerships, one in California, one in Washington, and two in Nevada. Sorry folks, the price is still the same though.

Not knowing the dealerships in Washington and Nevada, we have to say the choice of dealers in California is a bit interesting, as California Speed-Sports in Livermore has gotten the nod from Motus to service the Golden State. Not exactly convenient to one of the largest motorcycling markets in California, you would be hard pressed to find anyone in the region who would refer to Livermore as “East Bay” as the press materials imply, as Livermore is a good hour’s drive from San Francisco and well inland.

Still, a dealership in Livermore is better than no California dealer at all, though Southern Californians will still have to suffer with the lack of a SoCal dealer (and despite Las Vegas being close in proximity, importing a motorcycle from Nevada to California is not worth the headache). Such are the growing pains of a motorcycle upstart, which perhaps sheds some light on some of the more creative distribution plans we saw tried in the electric motorcycle sector.

Considering the demographic of rider that Motus is initially going after, we imagine the kind of people who drop thirty-large on a motorcycle won’t mind a little heartache in getting their exclusive hands on a Motus MST or Motus MST-R. Hopefully in time though, we will see Motus represented by more shops along the West Coast of the United States.

Source: Motus