Motus Motorcycles has just released the second part of its Daytona launch video, which unlike the first version, is chalked full of close-up and detail shots of the Motus MST and the performance-packed Motus MST-R. The Daytona Bike Week was the public launch of the new American-made sport-tourer, which features the KMV4 1,645cc V4 pushrod motor with gasoline direct injection. Motus’s approach with the KMV4 is to take a page out of America’s rich hot-rodding tradition, and therefore has built a power plant that tuners and hobbiests should find the designs of familiar.

Helping Motus build this tiny buy powerful engine is Pratt & Miller Engineering, who have made a name for themselves building all sorts of racing engines, including those from the C6R Corvette Racing squad, which coincidently also uses a pushrod design. This has lead to many calling the KMV4 as simply half a Corvette motor, which the math doesn’t really support, but the philosophy surely does.

Next for the Motus crew is a ride around the United States that will not only serve as an R&D/proving method for the new bikes, but will also help drum-up interested buyers and the much needed dealers to get the motorcycle company launched off the ground. We’re looking forward to seeing the 161hp sport-tourer come to San Francisco, we just hope the rumors we’ve been hearing of a $30,000+ price tag aren’t true. Get ready to bust out your “V4” gang signs, as the video is after the jump.

Source: Motus Motorcycles

  • Naked version looks somewhat cooler.

  • GeddyT

    Dear motorcycle manufacturers,

    Nobody wants to hear your favorite song.
    Everyone wants to hear your bike.

  • Maas

    This bike is at the top of my list for a sport touring moto but at a rumored $30k, I think my hard earned American dollars will end up funding a Multistrada 1200 S or a BMW K1600GT.

  • RSVDan

    Love the bike, but that is a pretty amateurish vid. Loose the gang signs, kissing the camera, wacky camera angles, perhaps show the bike going around a corner for once, and as others have mentioned, ditch the music and let the bike sing.

  • SCooter Man

    Well this should make the morons at Harley sick after they killed the Buell. I like the bike but I do not like the chain drive. This is a half ass sport touring bike and more of a sport bike. I suppose it does not have the guts to compete as a sport bike so they are calling it a “sport touring” bike. I will stick with the “real” sport touring bike – the BMW R1200RT. These guys should have gotten together with Erick Buell.

  • hoyt

    The way the “crease” in the tank for the knees flows into the lower, side fairing is a nice touch. No other angles muck it up.
    The angled pictured from the rear is one of the best views a bike with bags has ever produced.

    I agree about moto companies playing music during their promos…maybe a very (very) short sound bite at the beginning and end, but with a V4, why wouldn’t you let that be heard? Now that Daytona is over, maybe that will subside?

    Very cool trip ahead of them

  • RGR

    Is that my imagination or am I seeing a carbon fiber tank on the naked at 0:39 (and matching front fender a couple seconds later)/

  • Not your imagination. That’s the higher-spec MST-R without its clothes on according to Motus. It has carbon fiber everywhere.

  • Jake Fox

    Looks like it will be overpriced, heavy, slow, but with great sound and patriotic appeal. Golly, why does that seem familiar?

  • buellracerx

    MST = blah (it IS a sport touring bike, but hey ducati made one sexy, so no excuses)
    MST-R = VMAX-killer with better aesthetics…awesome

    I agree, nix the tunes let the engine sing for us. Hopefully when released the final drive will be belt/chain on the touring/naked respectively

  • I should clarify, according to Motus the MST and MST-R will be the same bike aesthetically, except one will have more carbon parts.

    Motus started trotting the MST-R around with its clothes off, which has everyone thinking the R is a naked streetfighter, which it isn’t…although all the positive comments about the bike have them thinking about building a naked version.

  • hoyt

    Jake – reliable 120 ft lbs. of torque & 140 hp is slow? relative to what and on what road?

    The weight is not out of the range of existing bikes in its market segment either.

  • BikePilot

    I like it and think it’ll be an excellent sport-tourer. I’m not sure how sound it is from a business standpoint, but from a rider’s standpoint I’m on board.

    Chain drive is no problem these days with modern chains. Older riders have had bad experiences I think when chains were crap. A decent modern chain is good for 40k+ miles and needs adjustment no more than 2-3 times during its lifetime. That’s better than many of my friends get from their BMW final drives (and I know one guy who’s been through three complete final drive units in 40k miles!). Simple, light, efficient and cheap to change final drive ratios with a chain. Suits me well.