Motus V4 Baby Block Gets $10,220 Price Tag

01/28/2013 @ 2:22 pm, by Jensen Beeler15 COMMENTS


When American motorcycle upstart Motus Motorcycles first began its undertaking of the Motus MST sport-tourer, the company from Alabama made it clear that its 1,650cc engine would be the centerpiece of the bike’s design. Hoping to build off the tuner culture that developed around push-rod engines in the automotive world, Motus even went as far to say that the Katech-designed KMV4 engine (now without GDI) would be made available as a crate motor for hobbyists.

With the Motus MST nearly ready for public consumption, the American company is making good on its other promise, and has released pricing on its “baby block” engine. At a cool $10,220 of your hard-earned cash, the turnkey 165+ hp V4 motor can be yours (along with the engine’s ECU, ride-by-wire intake, engine harness, and fuse box). A pricy sum for the small peppy engine, pricing on the Motus Baby Block at least puts the $30,000+ price tag of the Motus MST in perspective.

Motus V4 Baby Block Features:

  • 1650cc (100ci), liquid cooled, cast aluminum 90° V4 w/ steel liners
  • Cam-in-the-block, 2 OHV
  • Splayed lifters for maximum valvetrain stability
  • Aluminum cylinder heads w/ splayed & canted valves for max. flow and combustion efficiency
  • Automotive-style low mass, low inertia roller rocker arms
  • Maintenance-free hydraulic roller lifters
  • 4340 forged steel I-beam connecting rods
  • 3-ring forged aluminum pistons with moly coating
  • Wet sump w/ integral pick-up, serviceable screen, magnetic drain plug
  • 4 bolt main bearing girdle for maximum strength and durability
  • Investment cast 4340 one-piece crank w/ automotive-style plain bearings
  • Gerotor oil pump, integrally cast internal water pump
  • CFD optimized, precision cast water jackets
  • Closed loop 250kBd multi-point fully sequential fuel injection
  • Ride-by-wire w/ electronic throttle control (ETC)
  • Cast individual runner manifold w/ 4 x 40mm contoured bore downdraft throttle bodies
  • 12 bolt bellhousing (9.5” bolt circle) for easy application adaptation
  • Spare bosses for alternate accessory drives and motor mounts

Source: Motus Motorcycles

  • Greg

    All I know is that this engine is gonna rock. Slightly more $ than an upper end air cooled V-twin, but way cooler. I’d love it in something like a small Ariel Atom type car or, even better, a UTV.

  • zipidachimp

    Pricey, but it sounds terrific. like half a ‘vette!

  • Stephen

    Where is the cooling system? Wait there’s more.

  • Ed Gray

    How a bout a 3.3liter V8 for my Miata? It seems like the CAD work would be minimal.I wonder if the crank could handle it? Enough water pump flow? Get on it guys. How hard could it be?

  • Greg

    Put it in a Caterham. If they could get one that zipped around with a Fireblade engine, imagine what something like this could do?

  • Eddie

    6 speed box included?

  • Jayson

    What does the engine weigh? thats important to know… does it include a transmission for the price? i guess if its not mentioned its a no?

    i really wished that they would have made it direct injection – maybe the next version?

  • Damo

    Too much money, for too little.

  • Dave

    Pushrod V4?? What century is this??

  • Got word from Motus. The gearbox is not included in the price, though will be made available as an option.

  • mkv

    I can get the whole version for less than half the price

  • Jason

    @ Ed Gray: why add the weight to make it into a V8? Put this V4 into your Miata and slap a turbo on it ;)

    It already sounds amazing

    I want to see it under the hood of an original Mini !! Big rumble in a little go-kart!

  • Jason

    @mkv: different applications, man. That big V8 isn’t right for every project… Sometimes you pay more for more specialized things

  • Jason

    I’m imagining a rippin’ little lightweight two-seat long travel sand rail. Fun, maneuverable and quick, and makes that V8-like noise. Goosebumps… Want to build

  • Kim

    Wow, this is the engine I have been waiting for. Compact size unobtainable with OHC, no mile long cam chain, all of the latest tech. You techies, keep your Over Head Cams. The only advandage of them is super high RPM, totally useless on the street. I’ll take this so-called old technology any day. Power to size and weight. Beat that with your Honda. Oh and OHC was used in the 1930s in Europe so don’t give me that BS about old V.S. new teck. This engine rocks!