Watch the Motus MST Go Around Barber Motorsports Park

04/26/2011 @ 12:48 am, by Jensen Beeler6 COMMENTS

Another update from those southern boys at Motus, this time showing off their MST & MST-R American sport-tourers hitting some track time at Barber Motorsports Park. Obviously still in the development phase of their production process, we see that the MST-R has gotten some carbon fiber clothes (yum!), while the MST looks very fit and polished with its touring bags on-board.

We’re still not sure about how the Motus MST and MST-R will fare in free market, as we’ve seen so many American motorcycle companies generate a lot of buzz with little substance. However, one thing is for certain about the Motus project: the company has the right amount of cowbell in that KMV4 1,645cc GDI motor that should make any motorcyclist with a pulse grin ear-to-ear. Check the video out after the jump…yes, it’s ok to watch it several times.

Source: Motus (YouTube)

  • Lets hope that your predictions are right. I like the look and would like a feel for the bike if and when they start giving out test rides. i would like to by American, just maybe this is the one… those bags need to come off tho. lol

  • Keith

    I’m with you bemer2six…if I want bags, if I want a fairing…I’ll either go pick something off the aftermarket shelf or off the factory shelf. I don’t want a motorcycle to come with any of that crap…something about growing up when windjammer II’s were polluting the highways or maybe it’s those damnnable first gen goldwing fairings that have metastisized into gods awful abominations and corrupted other makes.

  • Allan

    The cowling on the MST-R, though only visible for a couple of seconds, looks better then the silver fairing on the standard version. It covers some, less then pleasing to the eye parts, of the frame. I’m glad to see the bike on the track. If it works well on a closed -circuit I know it will work well on the open-road.

  • Lowflying

    That V4 sounds awesome. That sound alone could convince me. If they sell in Australia. If it has less features than a Multistrada I don’t mind but it would have to be priced accordingly…I hope it is cuz I like it.

  • jackie

    Funky engine layout, great sound and styling that’s a bit lardy/dated.

    An American Moto Guzzi.

  • ge

    Oooo! Crazy idea that may be genious: Motus distribution contract with Polaris. Think about what an awesome showroom that would be. Polaris’s funky modern crusers next to Indian’s clasic crusers next to Motus’s sport touring bikes. Sure I would never actually BUY any of these bikes, but it would be fun to go look at them.