Video: Motorcyclist Caught Texting While Riding

05/31/2012 @ 3:04 pm, by Jensen Beeler32 COMMENTS

It is hard to imagine that people actually text while riding a motorcycle, though a quick Google search shows that the phenomenon is not as rare as you think. That being said, an Australian motorcyclist was caught doing this very thing by a bus passenger in Sydney; and for bonus points, the rider was still on his learner’s permit.

Ultimately, the 21-year-old rider turned himself into the police after the photo taken by the bus passenger went on the internet. Hopefully someone gave him a stern talking to about his lack of gloves, ankle-cover shoes, or general lack of any proper motorcycle gear beyond a helmet. Pssh, Ducati riders.


  • MrFancyPants

    i’m really hoping that was a long straight road. like I5

  • Odie

    Geez-Louise, of all the bone-headed things to do.

  • Dr. Gellar

    I hope she was worth it…

  • MikeD

    Dumb-Dumber-Dummest. He sure took the title from me and ran like he stole’d it.

  • If you’re out on a desolate salt flat, sure, no problem, text away, but on a road with buses?!?!

  • 1. Lack of leather jacket – CHECK
    2. Lack of gloves – CHECK
    3. Lack of socks – CHECK
    4. Lack of protective boots – CHECK

    The road rash this guy will experience some day could be pretty horrific.

  • Corey

    Why do I ALWAYS see dudes on Ducati’s wearing slacks/loafers and any lack of gear other than a helmet?

  • ken

    how can he be moving without having his hand on the throttle?

  • Snowy

    So if he was wearing all the “safety” gear he’d be ok to text?

    The sad part in this whole episode is that it’s so unsafe for a motorcyclist to do this, while car and truck drivers do it every single day. What’s the impact energy of a B-double semi? Or your average soccer mum in an SUV? What’s the impact energy of a motorcycle? So in reality, it’s safer for all concerned if a repeat text offender rides instead of driving.

    I’ve seen people using iPads and Laptops while driving, people watching DVDs, a young Blonde in a Cabriolet talking on the phone while brushing her hair and running a red light, women doing makeup, men getting dressed behind the wheel….about the only thing I haven’t seen on the way to work is someone doing their ironing…but I live in hope.

    Not wearing any gear except for the helmet…who cares really. His choice, his consequence. That’s why you can pick up cheap second hand bikes. Why ruin a good thing?

    If you think you NEED to wear a pile of safety gear to ride safely you need to hand in your bike license and sell your bike. You ARE the problem.

  • “So if he was wearing all the “safety” gear he’d be ok to text?”

    Hell, no, but the fact that all the rest of it is wrong, too, just points to what a poster child this guy is for how to die and look stupid while doing it. Unfortunately for the rest of the users of the road, texting makes him way more likely to involve another vehicle or pedestrian as he works out the particulars of his demise.

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  • Oh, and I think I need to wear a pile of safety gear because while I have no problem riding safely, Joe Average and Suzy Creamcheese go out of their way to prove – again and again – that I’m far more likely to die due to the stupidity of others than at my own hand. Trust me, _I’m_ not the problem. The aforementioned people doing all manner of things except concentrating on actually driving ARE.

  • Snowy

    Bike versus another vehicle….a dent.

    A vehicle versus bike….well, we all know that don’t go down too well.

    The part that every one misses in this is he has no less control than someone in a car steering with their knee while they text. Drivers do it every single day. I see dozens in traffic daily.

    Is it right? No. It’s dumb. But NO dumber than the average Bovi on their daily commute.

    The fact he’s on a bike has been seized and exploited to make a story. That’s it. Another media beat up. Do they rant and rave when yet another driver mows down a rider because they were texting, playing with the radio, doing their make up? Of course not.

    In the planning process in NSW (where the story originates) motorcyclists are not even considered a road user group. We are heathens. Outcasts, probably with links to Outlaw clubs and with raging drug problems…if you believe the media.

    It’s not like Murdochs Media would lie after all.

    It’s a beat up. If you swallowed the whole – 80kph riding no hands thing….then you should see one 300kph one handed wheelstands while I flip the bird….on my DR650.

  • Alasdair

    Don’t forget if they’re on their Learners, in nsw they should not be on a bike with more than 659cc, with restricted power. That is not the learner legal duke (exhaust pipes on the learner legal Monster have tiny tiny ends. That may be the 620, but that’s not restricted.

  • Alasdair

    Wow yeah now I sound like a Nanny after snowys comment, but I do live in the nanny state (Victoria). But I don’t get the whole motorcycle bent towards individualism – we are no different from car enthuisiasts in terms of our passion, it’s just there are less of us, so everyone is like Oooh, we’re outcasts, we need to fight for recognition from society etc. Who cares? I don’t ride like a dick and have not once had any issues beyond the norm from traffic, nor any gumption from police (the Police riders down here even give the nod) – I think if we weren’t so defensive about how we think society views us, that view would actually be better. I’m not sure how this applies in the US but am fed up with the vitriol from (not all of course) fellow motorcyclists on forums here in Australia.

  • Anti

    How good does that Monster look! I usually hate white bies. The rider looks like he’s straight of the Mr Porter blog. Young kids are down with texting and driving, lets hope we see some more young riders on the road thanks to this guys coolness.

  • FLABueller

    I saw a highway patrol cycle cop doing the exact same thing down I-95 in South FL a year ago.

  • Damo


    I actually think anyone who gets on a bike WITHOUT a pile of safety gear on is completely daft. I agree it is riders choice, but ANYONE that rides around at speed wearing high water pants and slip on loafers is a complete moron.

    Just so you know texting while driving is also illegal in most of the 50 states. The reason this made the news is because it took a bit of acrobatics to perform while riding, thus making it even more impressively stupid.

  • Damo


    “What’s the impact energy of a motorcycle?”

    As a follow up I am going to go out on a limb and assume you haven’t many horrific bike accidents, but we had a woman in a Suburban (Large SUV) getting killed by some squid on a bike who wheelied into her drivers door at about 75 miles per hour. Some how the biker survived. He is being brought up on charges.

    So no, bike hits car is not “just another dent”, don’t be ignorant.

  • Rio

    You can find those acts in my country Indonesia LOL
    N they are much worse, even they can make a phone call while riding a bike!!!
    Not using the handsfree, but they just slip the cell phone inside the helmet!!

  • Westward

    I don’t think people on here are saying safety gear makes you a better safer rider, it’s more of an indication or ones awareness of the scope of reality. One is more likely to survive relatively unscathed from an eventual accident, and depending on the circumstances…

    Also, Bike versus another vehicle….a dent…?

    I have seen evidence of bikes nearly severing cars in half, need less to say the passengers either killed of in critical condition. I even read an article not too long ago, about a guy on a Ducati somewhere in California traveling over 60mph on a main road, striking the passenger side of a car, killing the passenger and himself…

  • Westward


    Anyone know what kind of helmet that is…?

    It almost looks like a new version of the one Rossi is wearing in MotoGP this year…

  • MrWright

    I txt, take calls, etc.. when I ride.
    The Cardo Scala & iPhone4s are an awesome combo!

  • Ape

    “this Duc is so coo (CRASH!)

  • TRL

    Italian rider says: Toe hands to text?! YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG one hand for the text the other per sigaretta – AMATEUR!

  • Damo wrote: “ANYONE that rides around at speed wearing high water pants and slip on loafers is a complete moron.”

    THIS. Folks should take a moment to envisage sliding down the road after a lowside. As your field of view rotates slowly from the confines of your helmet, you casually notice some toes on the other side of the street. Once you stop and the initial shock subsides, you’ll realize they were yours.

    Wearing loafers, sandals, etc. on a bike is just stupid, stupid, stupid. Proper boots, properly affixed; otherwise, you’re very likely to have even a relatively minor get-off causing you to learn how to walk again.

    (As an ex-parts manager, some of the results of crashes I saw wandering into the shop were stomach-turning.)

  • MikeD


    Thanks for the visual, on an empty stomach on top of it…it felt awesome…..NOT. LOL.
    Now if u xcuse me im gonna feed the biggest hole on my face.

    Seriously folks, if ur gonna ride, try and strive for ATGATT.
    Personally, im missing some good warm weather riding pants…still have to find one set that don’t feel like it want to cut my leg in half behind the knee junction every time i assume riding position.
    My Icon Patrol pants are just too HOT to ride on the summer (non-removable liner), even under a S.Florida torrential down pour…i use it as Winter riding gear.

    I gotta take my happy ass to the local Cycle Gear Store and see if they have anything that makes the trick for me.

  • a tom

    At least the guy here is orientated in the right direction. Now this guy in India, however…

    (yes, engines are smaller and speeds are slower and all that.)

  • Brad

    Takes skill to do this. I ride in less, singlet, shorts and thongs while texting. I do however use only the one hand to text so I can corner etc lol
    No need to pick the guy, just because most of you are to useless to be able to do this, let alone text while walking.

  • Tom

    Does it make me a bad person to root for the Darwin Awards? If so, I can still sleep at night like a baby.

  • The rider did not get a stern talking to, he lost his license.

  • Grant Madden

    What a dick.Hopnestly how much control has he got with both hands off of the controls.None.
    What does it take to loose control of a motorbike?A scattering of stones or some leaves.And what harm can it do to ride without safety gear.(These are questions asked by the mentally incompetant)Lots of it and it can happen so fast that even with your hands on the controls(that is what they are for,control)you can be is the crap REAL fast.Small things can make the difference between weeks spent getting skin grafts or just a slight case of gravel rash.
    Decent foot wear and a pair of gloves.A good jacket which in these days can be both protective and cool is a good idea too.Dont think that this guy has the brains to work it out himself.Lots of people sayoing”So what?If you know how to ride you will be safe enough” All I can say is that it serves them right for being so stupid.The car or truck or bus that clips the handle bar didn,t even see him let alone see wether he was wearing safe riding gear.
    Just goes to proove the old saying”theres one born every minute”
    Morons that is.