Zero Motorcycles Enters Asian Markets

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Zero Motorcycles continues its sales push with an announcement about its entrance into the Asian market by partnering with Singapore-based AMPLE World. AMPLE will distribute Zero’s product line through-out Asia, starting with the Zero X and Zero MX, and later in 2010 taking orders for the Zero S and Zero DS.

“Zero Motorcycles and AMPLE share a common goal of expanding the electric vehicle movement globally,” says John Lloyd, Zero Motorcycles Vice President of Worldwide Sales. “With AMPLE’s marketing and distribution efforts, consumers in Asia will now have the opportunity to test ride and buy the high-performance Zero Motorcycles product line locally.”

The partnership of Zero with AMPLE seems like a good fit for the Santa Cruz based electric motorcycle manufacturer, as AMPLE has positioned itself as a clean-tech focused vehicle distributor in the Asian markets. Also benefitting from its partnership, Zero Motorcycles will be featured in AMPLE’s booth at the Sustaining Electric Vehicle and Green Technology Expo during the 2009 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit.

Many of the electric motorcycle startups have been focusing on the European Union for early-adoption and strategic growth, but Asia has been a more demur prospect in press releases. With its rising population and crowded cities, countries like Japan and China seem like ideal areas to target key-growth as these companies race to profitability.