After a lively discussion on fully-faired motorcycles in his original post, including a lengthy post by Craig Vetter, Michael Czysz follows up the discussion by further delving into streamlining, dustbins, and the difference between the two. In his discussion Czysz explains the purpose and benefit of taking aerodynamics into account not only in electric racing but also in ICE applications, and then walks us through its use on the MotoCzysz C1.

The post is a good primer on the exponential force that streamlining tries to overcome, and well worth a read for that purpose. Michael Czysz closes his post with a hint that he’ll have a dustbin at the ready should the field warrant such a fairing, and should his rider Mark Miller feel comfortable using it. Check it all out here.

  • Michael Czysz’s 2-part post and the succeeding comments have become an epic discussion on the roll of aerodynamics in modern motorcycle roadracing. This should be mandatory reading for anyone planning to compete in one of the electric race series (TTXGP, ePower, TT Zero). Anyone involved or interested in racing motorcycle design and engineering should also read the post. Fascinating stuff.

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