The folks at MotoCzysz just got back from a trip to China (the EVS25 show in Shenzhen, China) where they debuted the MotoCzysz D1g1tal Dr1ve D1 — the world’s first fully integrated electric drive system. Complete with motor, inverter, oil pump, gear reduction, and differential housed in an aluminum chassis, MotoCzysz says the D1g1tal Dr1ve D1 is a complete plug-and-play system that can be used in the development of electric vehicles.

Based off the Portland company’s experience racing the MotoCzysz E1pc at the Isle of Man and FIM e-Power Championship, the MotoCzysz D1g1tal Dr1ve D1 uses Remy motors to produce 60kW (80hp) of continuous power, with a 75 kW (100hp) peak power delivery figure. The D1 comes with plenty of torque, 1000 Nm of torque to be precise (no, that’s not an extra zero, the motor makes 737 lbs•ft of torque). The feather-light D1g1tal Dr1ve D1 weighs under 150 lbs, making it ideal for a variety of applications. Available in May 2011, pricing will start under $8,999 as the MotoCzysz D1g1tal Dr1ve D1 will compete head-to-head with Mission Motors’ MissionEVT program.

Technical Specifications of the MotoCzysz D1g1tal Dr1ve D1:

Continuous Power Output (kW) 60kW
Peak Power Output (kW) 75kW
Continuous Torque Output (N-m) 600-850
Peak Torque Output (N-m) 800-1150
Max Input Current Continuous/Peak (Amps) 200/300
Peak Efficiency (%) 93% at rotor/ 90% at output
Max Operating Speed (rpm) 3050-4300
Base Speed (rpm) 715-1000
Operating Voltage (VDC nom.) 320 VDC nom
Max. Temperature Limit 160 c
Overall Length, Width, Height (mm) L:489.4 / W:329.8 / H:372.3
Mass (kg) 59kg
Type BLDC IPM (Brushless DC Internal Permanent Magnet)
Conductor Type Remy HVH High Voltage Hairpin
Cooling MotoCzysz Patent Pending Integrated Cooling system
Type 3-phase, water cooled IGBT power platform
Supply Voltage (nom) 12 VDC Nominal
Ratio 2.5:1 – 3.5:1
System MotoCzysz Patent Pending Integrated Cooling system
Pump Integrated oil pump
Heat Exchange Internal oil water heat exchange

Source: D1g1tal Dr1ve

  • jeff_williams

    That’s the best product name they could come up with? I thought 1337 5p34k (“leet” speak) was reserved for texting applications. I do like the idea however. Do they have a battery module to go with it?

  • This is going to change the industry in that, you no longer have to be an expert in electronics or electric power to start an electric motorcycle company. This module could make MotoCzysz become the S&S motors of the electric bike world. I like it a lot.

  • Tom

    Looks like Mike is getting out of the Motorcycle business. Perhaps he’ll actually have a product now instead of just intellectual properties.

  • @RLiddell, I couldn’t agree more. @Tom, MC getting out of the motorcycle business? No way. This just opens the door to financing the continuous improvement of machines and technology, while maintaining their ultra-exotic status. I would be surprised if MC aspires to become the next Brammo, but I’m sure they would love to supply the Digital Drive D1 to a company who does. Good stuff.

  • Damo

    I am still totally pissed that MC abandoned the C1. It would answer all my hopes and dreams (well at least one of them) to have a superbike designed and built in the states rolling off an assembly line.

    But I am an engineer not a business man so I see one side of the coin.

  • Tom

    EnvironMoto, Motoczysz only has ultra-exotic status because they haven’t sold a single bike yet. But, I do stand corrected on getting out of the motorcycle business because Motoczysz never actually got into the business to begin with. Being an electric engine supplier seems more like what they’ll be….if anything at all. I wish them well though because christ we need some jobs in the US right now.

  • Nice idea (and grat specs). But paired with a battery pack could be a little heavy for some bikes (or conversions)