Moto Morini Saved From Bankruptcy? – Paolo Berlusconi Makes €2.9 Million Offer

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Quirky Italian motorcycle manufacturer Moto Morini has reportedly been saved from the chopping block by Paolo Berlusconi. If that names rings a bell, it should because Berlusconi is the brother to Italy’s Prime Minister, and owns Garelli scooters. The Italian businessman has also been recently linked to acquiring MV Agusta, which if both transactions go through could see Berlusconi owning the parts of a formidable Italian motorcycle company. Berlusconi has reportedly made a €2.9 million offer for Moto Morini which includes the company name, infrastructure, and rights to past and future product lines.

This figure has been confirmed with Moto Morini, and goes counter to other reports that suggest a purchase price of €2.5 million. Also confirmed is the fact that this is a bid to purchase, and the transaction has not been completed like some other publications are still reporting. Considering that Moto Morini is entering the end-term of its bankruptcy protection, and that there are few reports of other offers for the brand (a group of Canadian investors is the only verified buyer we’ve heard of to date), it would seem logical to assume the sale will go through unimpeded, likely nearing the €3 million price range.

Moto Morini could be the missing piece in a larger puzzle that sees Paolo Berlusconi building a new player in the Italian motorcycle landscape, but there is also a chance that the bid by Berlusconi is a Plan B acquisition by the businessman, and a sign that talks over the purchase of MV Agusta are falling through. Certainly Berlusconi bidding on Moto Morini would affect any talks that the Italian is having with Harley-Davidson, and could be just as much of a negotiating tactic as true interest. Does the Italian have true interest in both brands, or is he playing one off the other? We’ll have to wait and see where all the cards fall to truly know what is going on, stay tuned.