Mission R Spotted in Street-Legal Trim

03/01/2012 @ 10:31 am, by Jensen Beeler25 COMMENTS

To be filed under the heading: “right place, right time,” I had the good fortune of catching Mission Motors’ Mission R out on the streets yesterday, as one of the San Franciscan company’s engineers took the bike out while doing errands at the SF Dainese Store. Stopping by the store myself to show off the Zero S that’s been camping in my living room for the last two weeks, I quickly found my thunder stolen by Mission’s two-wheeled masterpiece.

Of course, any opportunity to see the Mission R is a treat, as the electric superbike is not only a delicious dish in person, but it also happens to have no problem doing supersport lap times at Laguna Seca when Steve Rapp is on-board. However, what made this sighting of the Mission R extra special was the fact that Mission Motors has outfitted the Mission R with a headlight, mirror, and most importantly, a California license plate.

Other choice pieces include an Android-powered Samsung tablet that fills in as the Mission R’s digital dash, which is sure to tickle the fancy of our geekier readers. If you are an SF native, keep an eye out for the Mission R on the city streets, the rider you see might be a Mission Motors engineer, a Hollywood celebrity (we hear Ryan Reynolds has been jonesing for a Mission R like something fierce), or a Fortune 500 executive.

Photos: © 2012 Jensen Beeler / Asphalt & Rubber – Creative Commons – Attribution 3.0

  • Mission has been VERY smart in the execution of this product. After the disaster of the Mission One, they have seen the light. Never send an architect to do an industrial designers job.

    Now the only left to see is the price.

  • Except they aren’t selling them…

  • Maxx

    Isn’t Mike Czysz an architect.

  • Fantastic. Got to see the race version in person day one last year at Long Beach IMS and was impressed. Any idea what the weight is these days, are they still in the 550 lb region?

  • Smitch

    If they aren’t selling it, why is it in street legal trim? That headlight does not compliment an otherwise gorgeous machine…

  • RSVDan

    Saw the bike rolling down Valencia yesterday in front of the shop. It looks damned good in person, I must say.

  • Craig

    I think the light is awesome… more room for stickers. :)

    The whole bike really is nice… Simple and not to many angles and pieces to it like the R1 and present Suzuki.

    They will need an app tied to the throttle that sounds like a healthy V4 and then they will sell that thing. :)

  • john

    are those speakers to the left and right of the android tablet dash?

    would be cool if they are speakers, so one could play ICM noise when riding the mission r ;-)

  • Seriously, something like this breaks cover and you dont take even one full on side shot?

    Come on man, get it together!

  • Dr. Gellar

    Sooo…what is up with Mission these days?! Supposedly they are no longer in the e-bike business (focusing on electric drive-trains instead), but then this d!ck-tease of a motorcycle shows up! I imagine this street-legal Mission R was produced as a sort of “what the heck…why not?” sort of thing. Just makes me wonder…are they really done with motorcycles? Are they done with motorcycle racing? If they are not going to produce motorcycles, it would be cool to at least see them continue in e-bike roadracing, if for no other reason than to showcase their drive-train tech. By the way, the Mission R (whether race-ready or street legal) is one of the hottest looking bikes I’ve seen…electric, ICE or otherwise.

  • MikeD


    Thanks for pointing that out. I said the same when i came to see the pics.

    Im glad for the early adopters (if this thing ever goes for sale)…personally, i still don’t give a who about electric motorcycles…as i said before, maybe the day when it can be refueled anywhere as fast as an ICE bike and with the same range or better…wake me up when that happens.

    God Speed to the electron tamers and jockeys. (^_^)

  • There are no side shots because the bike looked the same from the side.

    For those, you can try this page: http://www.asphaltandrubber.com/bikes/mission-motors-mission-r-infineon/

  • Spiffster

    This thing looks so mother-fn trick it’s ridiculousness… if your not going to produce and sell them then give the blueprints to someone who will… “d!ck-tease” indeedz…

  • Yikes. That is WAY drool-worthy.

    One thing about an e-sportbike is that it’s the perfect tool for carving up the twisties in stealth mode. They’re NOT gonna hear you coming on this thing. Even a little 250 on the cam at 13 grand is going to get some attention.

  • Westward

    I thought they were working with Honda. I was under the impressions Honda either used them to developed their electric bike, or that Honda’s e-bike is essentially a rebranded Mission Motors bike…

  • CBRbie

    in an apartment where electric bills are included, this may well be a no-brainer purchase for me

  • @Westward Honda brought Mission in on a CR-Z race car project, and ever since there has been speculation (of which I am guilty) that partnership has/will continue in the motorcycle side. But nothing is know. Jensen may have a tip or two under his hat, but Mission is REALLY tight lipped about their projects.

  • Eric

    …or vice versa, mr. uhlarik.

  • Sid

    @Maxx – true, but while his bike is very nice, aren’t the batteries exposed to damage much more than an in-board design such as the Mission wrapped in very nice trellis frame? That doesn’t make much sense for the racing consumer or street consumer if he decides to sell street versions.

    Mission’s bike is the best looking e-bike and is perhaps the best performing. Why not sell street versions?

  • Dr. Gellar

    @Sid The issue of the batteries being exposed to damage may have been the case on the 2010 MotoCzysz E1pc, but not quite so much the 2011 version. Besides, all of the electric MotoCzysz machines are more or less one-off racing prototypes, and I could be wrong, but I don’t believe selling street versions is a concern for MotoCzysz at the moment.

  • Bill

    ” Never send an architect to do an industrial designers job. ”
    ” Isn’t Mike Czysz an architect. ”

    – Case and point.

  • mxs

    Ge that ugly large tablet out of there? What’s next tweeting from red light stop????

  • Sid

    @Dr. Gellar – one off racing prototypes or street machines…doesn’ matter. If the bike goes down, it could be needlessly more expensive than it has to be due to the exposed batteries.

  • Dr. Gellar

    @Sid – I understand what you are saying, but again…take a look at the 2011 version of the MotoCzysz E1pc. It looks like MotoCzysz eliminated much of that issue with the 2011 machine, as the batteries aren’t nearly as exposed on that bike as they are on the 2010 E1pc.

  • Cliff Eckstorm

    Typical…sigh…decent looking bike; but, I guess I will just have to build my own e-bike if I want one. Most of the time they are priced out of the realm of reality anyway and I’m gettin’ tired of waitin’…