Layoffs Reported at Mission Motors

10/10/2012 @ 2:36 am, by Jensen Beeler13 COMMENTS

Asphalt & Rubber has gotten word that Mission Motors has let go of a significant portion of its staff, both on the engineering and non-engineering sides of the San Francisco based startup. With the layoffs presumably the result of a lack of funding, the news comes interestingly just a few months after the departure of Mission’s Chief Financial Officer, Chris Moe, who made his return back to Vectrix in July of this year.

The bulk loss of its workforce is certain to be a blow to Mission Motors, which according to our sources, still has a core team in place to continue basic business operations. Making the switch from being an electric motorcycle company to supplying electric drive components to OEMs in Q1 2010, it wouldn’t surprise us if some of the now former Mission Motors employees found their way into other electric motorcycle manufacturers, and today’s news paints an interesting picture for the future of the Mission R electric superbike.

One of the assets in Mission’s arsenal of interesting products is of course the race-winning and journalist-humbling Mission R electric motorcycle. With Mission casually floating the idea that it would entertain licensing the design to a third party, Mission might be more amenable to inking a licensing/acquisition deal, and an interested party could now acquire more than just a motorcycle.

With two factions existing within Mission Motors when it came to selling electric motorcycles or OEM parts, time will have to tell as to whether this news opens or closes the future of the publicly well-received Mission R.

From what we understand, a number of Mission’s pro-motorcycle group are now officially free agents in the marketplace, so it will be interesting to see where they land in the industry once the dust settles.

Source: Bothan Spies; Photos: © 2012 Scott Jones / Scott Jones Photography – All Rights Reserved

  • Upsetting.

    And an interesting opportunity (rubbing chin sagely).


  • Tom

    The first rule of any successful business is cash flow. Without it, even if you are profitable, you will die.

  • “Mission Accomplished”, as Bush would say.

  • David Dungan

    Well I guess Lithium ion only goes so ……far!

  • Joe Dirt

    Dang, I guess “Green” is the new “Brown”!

  • Mico

    With Vectrix showing off their old superbike model again this year it may well mean some mission technology ends up at Vectrix together with the CFO…

  • Halfie 30

    Not surprising in the midst of another “recession”. I hope they can weather the storm…

  • Sid

    The best performing & best looking ebike. Was their decision to not produce bikes a mistake?

    Too bad they couldn’t do both

  • Spektre76

    @Sid I say hell yes it was a mistake. had they actually produced this machine they may have saved themselves. I guess this be another one of those bikes like the Czysz C1 that we will never see.

  • Bob

    Mission chose not to produce their superbike, and then gets no funding. Brammo does the opposite and raises 10x more money than Mission.

  • David Dungan

    Marketing 101 “You must have Customers”

  • Bill

    No matter how much performance it had it was impractical to use. You could not even ride it at a track day and make all the sessions if you wanted to.

  • Ken C.

    There’s a little electric car company down the road called Tesla. I’m sure the engineers could find a job there.