I am not sure how I missed the story when Natalie Pack was crowned Miss California earlier this year, but the Palos Verdes native is set to compete in the Miss USA pageant this June, and holds a special place in our hearts here at Asphalt & Rubber. Sure, we love her not only because she is representing California (loyal A&R readers should realize by now that this six-generation Californian author is downright militant when it comes to things regarding the Golden State), but also we love her because Natalie Pack is an avid motorcyclist.

Describing herself as a tomboy, Pack lists riding her motorcycle down the Pacific Coast Highway as her favorite hobby/activity — strangely enough, that’s our favorite hobby/activity as well. A Dean’s List pre-med student at UC Irvine, Pack wants to be dermatologist after she completes medical school (she apparently blogs as well). Hearts will be broken, grown men will swoon, and we’re pretty sure you are going to head over to the Miss USA website and drop Miss Pack a vote or two.

Now I have watched enough Toddlers & Tiaras to konw well enough to steer clear of the pageant scene, but it surely has to be a boon to the women riders movement to have a role model that little girls look up to that also happens to be into riding motorcycles. Winning the hearts and minds of future lady riders one at a time, maybe motorcycling’s largest untapped rider-base will slowly come around this whole two-wheeled motorized transportation thing.

Source: Miss USA

  • Gritboy

    I fail to see how this is a story. I grew up riding in the SF Bay Area and “women” riders aren’t a rare commodity there. It seems everytime a “woman” rides a motorcycle we make a big deal about it then put up cheesecake photos. I like cheesecake photos to be sure (and that’s fine for booth babes who are just posers), but as it pertains to women riders, it just perpetuates a stereotype. My wife rides and she’s damn sexy, but hates all the sexing up of “chick” riders as she calls them, instead of just treating them like “real” riders.

  • WetMan

    God but I was hoping that it wouldn’t be a Harley. Because somehow that would have been too … I don’t know, predictable? But now I am happy, because the hotty isn’t just a hotty but apparently has interesting taste in bikes as well. If only I wasn’t married … and old … and 10000 km away.

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  • Can you make that tiara photo any bigger?!? holy sh8*t!

  • SiafaAlvin

    @Gritboy – I don’t understand how citing your personal experiences/surroundings are indicative of how things are everywhere else.

    SF Bay Area ≠the country. If you truly think that female riders are as prolific around the rest of the country, you’re sorely mistaken. Ignoring the cheesecake (cheesy?) glamour shots, the idea of a potential Miss America that is also an ambassador for motorcycle culture (in general, and to women in particular) isn’t a bad thing at all, IMO. There is a very real perception of female motorcylcists as “other” or part of a subculture, to the point that a beauty pageant contestant being an active motorcyclist would definitely draw attention – which, as the author pointed out, could be a good thing.

    Which is why this is a legitimate story.