Mavizen Introduces Factory Support Service, Training And Insurance for the TTX02

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Late last year Mavizen announced the TTX02 race bike with the intention of eliminating reasons for teams to pass on electric motorcycle racing. The TTX02 is a fully electric race bike based on the KTM RC8 rolling chassis and TTXGP winning Team Agni drive train. Today Mavizen and TTXGP founder Azhar Hussain rolled out supporting services for teams that still might be on the fence.

For aspiring racers with poor social skills or lack of budget for a team, Mavizen offers a factory support service of your race bike including transporting it from race to race. It sounds like all you have to do is put on your leathers and ride. The race plastic is all you really own with this package and you can put whatever sponsor stickers on it you want.

Race teams that would like more control over the bike they race can take a four day course on electric motorcycle technology and maintenance and become Mavizen Certified. Each course is held the day before the UK TTXGP race series events and teaches you the in’s and out’s of the electric motorcycle drive, wiring, software, maintenance, and pitfalls (see full description below). The course is only available in the UK and costs £900 ($1,454 USD) plus fees.

Finally, if you just want to ride a TTX02 on public roads Mavizen will sell you electric motorcycle insurance so you don’t have to educate your coverage provider when you inform them electric motorcycles exist. No mention of cost but it is only planned for UK and other parts of Europe at this point.

Azhar and crew are obviously putting a lot of thought into greasing the wheels for their eGrandPrix racing series. Electric motorcycles already provide a level playing field that allows privateers to beat big dollar companies in high profile races. The new services rolled out today could keep this phenomena alive through 2010 and beyond, and may bring us some more great underdog stories. More details as they are available.

2010 Mavizen Certification Course Schedule:

Day 1 (July 2nd Cadwell Park, Lincolnshire):

  • Theory – Batteries, Motors, Controllers, Chargers
  • Technologies. Cost/Benefits
  • Building Battery Management Systems
  • Safety Systems

Day 2 (July 16th Snetterton, Norfolk):

  • Controllers
  • Motors
  • Safety Systems

Day 3 (September 10th, Castle Combe, Wiltshire):

  • Software Systems
  • Construction
  • Wiring Considerations.
  • Safety Systems

Day 4 (October 1st,  Brands Hatch):

  • Performance
  • Strategies
  • Future Considerations
  • Wrap up
  • Safety Systems

Spaces are limited so book early. Mavizen TTX02 owners are eligible for a 40% discount.

Source: Mavizen via Plug Bike