Leadership Change at BMW Motorrad USA

02/24/2012 @ 3:45 pm, by Jensen Beeler5 COMMENTS

After serving 18 years in the ranks of the BMW Group, Pieter de Waal will be stepping down as head of BMW Motorrad USA in March and formally retiring from BMW. Replacing de Waal will be Hans Blesse, who will leave his position as VP of Sales and Marketing at BMW Motorrad Germany, and take on the role of Vice President of BMW Motorrad USA. With 25 years of experience working for the BMW Group worldwide, Blesse has served in the company’s Canadian, Spanish, and German offices with roles in sales, marketing, and after-sales.

“Hans Blesse is the ideal successor to Pieter de Waal. Having been responsible for BMW Motorrad sales and marketing worldwide, he has gained a lot of experience in recent years which he will now be able to put to use in his new position,” said General Director BMW Motorrad Hendrik von Kuenheim.

“Our aim is to significantly increase motorcycle sales in the coming years and expansion of our market presence in the USA is crucial to our growth plans. I [would] like to thank Pieter de Waal most sincerely for all the work he has done to strengthen the position of BMW Motorrad in the USA and wish him all the very best for the future.”

Source: BMW Group

  • Gritboy

    Major change. Hope Hans has a good feel for the pulse of US riders.

  • Jim

    Seems like this is a demotion for Hans, considering that BMW’s sales in Germany are about 2.5X of what they are in the US.

    The best to Pieter de Waal, he came across as a classy guy who lacked the arrogance that typically symbolizes BMW execs.

  • Marcel

    All the best to Pieter de Waal. Worked with him back in South Africa and he is a true gentleman.

  • Tom Mullaney,DVM

    Met Peter at BMW rally in Bloomsburg, PA. A gentleman, represented BMW Motorrad with distinction. All the very best to Peter in whatever he chooses to do.

  • Boxerguy

    As David Robb had recently departed, I wonder if there is a difference of philosophies which led to both ‘changes’. This is only conjecture, but I wonder of the forthcoming watercooled Boxer or the stillborn Boxer (Lo Rider concept) had any effect.