After posting a 49% sales gain in November of this year, KTM USA says it is up 29.8% in year-to-date sales, which according to the Austrian brand, makes it the “fastest growing motorcycle company” in the US for 2013.

There is no word of course on how much volume KTM USA has actually moved, which makes the claim a bit specious, but it does show that there is some momentum behind the “ready to race” brand.

“Credit for this amazing performance is due to the excellent new product we have brought to market and to the increased effort for KTM by our dealer network,” said Brad Hagi Vice President of Sales and Marketing for KTM North America.

“For the past 3 years our dealers have risen to every opportunity we have put before them—SXS Mini’s, SX Factory Editions, ISDE Bikes, 990 Adventure Baja Editions, 690 Dukes—and customers have responded well. I can’t wait to see how our dealers perform with the new 1190 Adventure models and the 1290 Super Duke R. To every KTM dealer and their staff – you have my personal thanks for your dedication, energy and effort in making KTM the fastest growing brand in 2013.”

Of course KTM USA will want to break this record sales growth next year as well — and KTM 1190 Adventure and KTM 1290 Super Duke R should help in that regard. Luckily too, we hear that the KTM 390 Duke and KTM RC390 will likely help continue the trend for the 2015 model year. Better late than never, right?

Source: KTM USA

  • paulus

    Any news of improvement is welcome in this global downturn.

    Sales gain is bit dubious though… it would be interesting to know the increase in only ‘motorcycle units’ sold. KTM is a merchandising machine. I wonder how much improved revenue is T-shirts, toasters and dog bowls?

  • Unit sales typically refer to motorcycles, not parts and accessories.

  • paulus

    thanks… it didn’t read clear. Only ‘ Sales ‘ is mentioned.

  • kww

    specious indeed!

  • Miles Prower

    “Sales growth” of 29.8% for KTM USA probably means they sold somewhere in the magnitude of 1298 motorcycles this year versus 1000 last year. If they could actually get their dealers to stock — and actively sell — street bikes, perhaps their numbers would be more impressive.

  • Norm G.

    i’ll buy this for a dollar. when you’ve got little to no market share, the only place you can go is UP. the competition (read Ducati, BMW, Triumph), in contrast, are years into their market penetration. with a “fixed pie”, the only option is conquest sales.

  • Marc F

    Lots of snark, but KTM sold 100,000 bikes in 2012, and about 20,000 of those were in the US. If you exclude Husqvarna, that’s a hair more than BMW Motorrad, and even with Husky, BMW only sold 12,000 bikes in the US. KTM’s 20,000 is twice the number Ducati sold in the US, and their 100k total is more than twice Ducati’s or Triumph’s, worldwide. You might not see them at Starbucks, but KTM is now outselling all four Japanese brands in off-road competition bikes (250cc – 450cc, non-dual sport).

    But wait, there’s more:
    – 2012 was a record year for both BMW and Ducati (maybe Triumph, too… not sure).
    – 2012 just barely included the start of production of the Duke 200. Not sure if they even made it to dealers in time to book a sale. You can be sure that 2013 with the full range of 125-390 will post much higher unit volume.

  • TexusTim

    In Austin we have one KTM dealer and they dont have a lot of exposure at there shop,it’s older and a very small place that’s in a poor area, parking is terrible ..been there a long time and there used to be a big “4” dealer across the street but they moved to a better location years ago.
    In Austin you dont see many KTM street bikes…dont know about the motocross spots as I dont get out there..my guess is they sell more dirt bike units than streetbikes.

  • KSW

    Well it will certainly be until 2015 IF the U.S. gets the 390. At the not so great IMS Long Beach show the 390 was missing and when I ask the KTM rep about that he said, “I have gotten quite a few requests for that bike”. That was on Media day so one can only imagine what the attendees where saying to KTM?

  • Mike

    I’ll believe it when I can easily (aka availability) buy a Superduke 1290 for a less than outrageous price.

    Note: Outrageous being defined as anywhere near the price of a Panigale.

  • ruben

    The claim seems believable to me, and with the models coming out now and on the way, I’d say they are pretty well positioned for growth. The 1190 Adventure looks very compelling against the 1200GS…

  • Judge

    Where the heck’s the RC8R replacement???? Do I have to wait until I’m old and gray? KTM, if you’re listening, STREET BIKE, PLEASE!!!

  • Norm G.

    re: “I’d say they are pretty well positioned for growth…”

    …if and when they have a dealer network, and not before.

  • Tim

    specious it is.

    If I sold 2 last year & sold 3 this year I could claim sales up 50%
    KTM’s Claim lacks important data

    That aside I think they are making a nice product & I like their
    direction which seems like putting some sport back into smaller sport bikes + the 1290
    looks to be a monster.

    But here in Thailand I will never know as the prices are so far out of whack it makes
    a KTM an idiots choice. Prices are just silly high

    If KTM does not reign in the greedy dealer here they will never get a foot in the door.

  • ruben

    @ Norm G.

    Of course sales require the right cocktail of good products, brand awareness, and a solid dealer network. That said, getting private investors interested in signing up to become dealers requires the right ingredients in place for them to want to do so. KTM can’t establish the dealer network on their own, they can just make it an appealing prospect to become a dealer.

    The current product lineup looks good. You are also right in suggesting previously that the market is a fixed pie and they’ll need to increase sales through conquest. That doesn’t sound impossible to me. You mention Ducati, BMW and Triumph as the competition; personally, from what I’ve seen, I’d rather have the 1190 Adventure than the Multistrada, 1200GS or Tiger. Even if I had to drive further to get to the dealer.

    At least in the Southern California area, from my quick count, KTM has more dealers than BMW, Ducati, or Triumph, even if you don’t include the offroad only KTM dealers.

  • Sean

    If anyone at KTM is listening – an RC8 model with the TC/ABS package from the SuperDuke would make a nice commuter/sport bike. Did anyone read the recent reviews of the Panigale 899, where the test sessions were in heavy rain, so they were leaning heavily on the TC and ABS? I was impressed.

  • Adventure Touring is the fastest growing segment of the motorcycle industry right now and there are a lot of riders transitioning from dirt bikes that want lighter more off-road oriented Adventure Bikes. If rumors are true that KTM is going to build smaller versions of the Adventure model, that could really boost sales for them in the next few years as well.