KTM Stops X-Bow Production

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Because of the changes in the economy, Austrian based KTM has had to readjust their sales forecasts for the X-Bow track car/go-kart on steroids, resulting in KTM halting current production of the X-Bow until 2010.

When the X-Bow debuted, KTM figured they would build 500 units each year, then later readjusting the figure to 1000 units per year (we never really understood that move).

So far the factory in Graz, Austria, has built the initial 500 cars, but only 80 of those have been sold to date. Because of this, KTM has halted production of the X-Bow in an effort to curb a rising inventory. The Austrian brand is expected to resume building new X-Bow’s in January of 2010.

Source: Piston Heads