KTM Ads You Won’t See in the United States

01/15/2009 @ 4:15 pm, by Jensen Beeler2 COMMENTS


In our opinion, KTM leads the pack when it comes to TV spot ads. With superb photograph and quick edits, KTM creates ads that are just as edgy as the lines on the RC8, and promotes the hooligan within all of us. Unfortunately the way product liability works in the United States prevents many of these ads from actually airing in the US market. So, we thought we’d bring them to you so you can see how KTM envisions you using their bikes on the street and track. Continue reading for the videos.


690 Supermoto


950 Supermoto

  • RT @motorcycles: RT @Asphalt_Rubber #motorcycle “KTM Ads You Won’t See in the United States” http://cli.gs/6pH4Ad – BTW I Luv KTM!

  • pete

    I thought the Supermoto ad was great. It makes me want one. But,I can already hear the finger-waggers in the US crying about how riders like that make all motorcyclists look bad.