KTM has crunched the numbers on it sales for the first half of 2012, and the Austrian company has some very impressive news to share. Selling 50,233 units in the first six months of the year, KTM’s increase in sales is 36% over last year’s figures for the same time period, a gain due mainly to the company’s efforts in emerging markets like India.

Though this is the first time that Bajaj’s selling of the KTM Duke 200 has been included in KTM’s half-year report, the Austrian brand wasn’t fueled solely by its Indian sales, as KTM’s European sales were up 41% as well, giving KTM a total marketshare in the EU of 7%.

Getting a boost from the KTM Duke 200, KTM Freeride 350, and KTM 690 Duke, the Austrian company is showing continued growth and stability not only during tough market conditions, but also in the dwindling European sport bike market.

With KTM expected to bring a 350cc version of the baby Duke to the North American market, as well as a 350cc Moto3-inspired sport bike, the Austrian’s could very well find added success in the United States and Canada with the new models, much like it has in Europe with the KTM Duke 200.

Source: KTM

  • irksome

    One can only hope that that number includes a ton of RC8s… that thing is one of the few truly beautiful bikes produced in the last few years.

  • MikeD

    I’ll come clean. I only came in because of the picture. [^_^]

  • Damo


    I agree 100%, the RC8 is badass.

  • paulus

    Good news… a company making growth in the big bike sector

  • singletrack

    Not much surprise, for the last few years, offroad events have been a sea of orange. The Japanese have all but given up on off-road (cross country, enduro) racing. MX has not quite turned yet, but Dungey’s success is sure to have some impact on acceptance/sales.

    Let’s hope KTM really attack the small displacement street bike market in N.A. with their typical innovative, in-your-face marketing and products. I think the market is ripe for some really cool 250-450cc street bikes. And if they build in India, the price should be really competitive with the Japanese bikes.