KTM Offers Factory Race Tuning to Regular Joes

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While not exactly “street bike” news, we thought the A&R readership would find this latest press release from KTM interesting nonetheless.

KTM owners of current  SX, XC, XC-W, and EXC model dirt bikes can now have their motorcycles tuned by KTM factory technicians to the exact same specifications as the KTM factory supported race bikes.

KTM is calling this their “Just Went Factory” promotion, and will offer owners the ability to have their engines and/or suspension individually hand-tuned to produce performance equal to the bikes that the KTM factory team riders race each weekend.

All orders are to be placed through an official KTM dealer. The KTM dealer will arrange for the customer’s engine or suspension to be shipped to the racing headquarters of KTM North America where all work will be done.

We hope the program will be a big success, and that KTM opens to program up to other, more streetable, models. If only all motorcycle companies thought like this.