Maybe There is Hope for Humanity After All?

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I will keep this post short. Recently we posted that the reported demise (and ensuing celebration) of American Chopper was a bit premature. It appears that our favorite juicing bike builder, Paul Teutul Sr., wasn’t quite done with the limelight, despite sending Orange County Choppers merchandising into bankruptcy, alienating two of his sons, and generally making motorcyclists look like a bunch of neanderthal’s with tribal tattoos, leather pants, and sleeveless shirts (we call it the Chopper Trifecta).

No, it seems someone told Paul Sr.that  he should give the small screen another shot, and the Country Music Television (CMT) wanted to oblige — for reasons still not fully understood by this author. The catch though was that Paul Sr. needed a compatriot — someone to focus his mercurial temper upon, and you know…to do the actual building of the bikes. With over a month now lost in that pursuit, OCC has yet to find someone desperate enough for TV stardom to fill the spot. Huzzah!

Maybe the potential candidates saw footage from the old show, and decided to steer clear. Maybe Paul Sr.’s standards are just beyond reach by mortal man. Or maybe, just maybe, there is hope for humanity, and the stars have aligned to keep American Chopper off our TV screens. Fingers crossed people. Links for the job position have been omitted from this article on purpose.

Source: Cyril Huse Blog