Jack Armstrong’s “Million Dollar Harley-Davidson” – Further Proof You Can’t Buy Taste

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I suffered through four semesters of art history classes in college (thanks general education requirements!) to realize two big things about art: 1) never date a painter or anyone that refers to themselves as an “artiste”, and 2) aesthetics are subjective, and should be internally processed. So with that intro in mind, I hope you’ll see where we’re headed in this article when I tell you that this custom Harley-Davidson comes from an artist who describes his style as “Cosmic Extensionalism”, name drops Any Warhol seemingly at any given opportunity, and boasts of fastly becoming “The Most Famous Artist on the Planet”. Mmmmk…

Further proof that money can’t buy you taste, this lightly modded Harley-Davidson Night Rod, looks like the wrong end of a huevos rancheros breakfast special at Denny’s, which makes the $1,000,000 asking price seem more like a desperate cry for attention than an actual representation of the piece’s worth. The video below seems to support this theory, but if you disagree, I refer you to my two previously mentioned big takeaways regarding art found above.

Source: Jack Armstrong via NDTV via Two Wheels Blog