IronWorks Magazine Will Stop Publishing in March

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An accomplished 24 year run comes to a close this March as IronWorks Magazine, a publication dedicated to Harley Davidson fans and custom motorcycle enthusiasts alike, prints its last issue.

IronWorks Magazine was started in 1989 by Dennis Stemp and his wife Marilyn, with the intention of producing a publication that would provide information about custom motorcycles that could not be found through other media, word of mouth or at the local shop.

The announcement came as publisher Hatton-Brown, which acquired the magazine in 1995, decided that the medium shift to digital publications combined with the costs for traditional print were not advantageous enough to continue.

Marilyn Stemp stayed on as an editor after her husband passed away in 2003 and continued to exemplify quality writing and uphold the ethical standards Iron Works Magazine strove for.

Although Iron Works Magazine will be defunct as of March, Marilyn Stemp has no plans to stop doing what she loves, in fact she has reverted back to IronTrader News, the original title of the publication.

This is the statement from Marilyn Stemp via the new Iron Trader News website:

Readers of IronWorks and Motorcycle Industry Friends,
“It is with some sadness that I write to inform you that Hatton Brown, the publisher of IronWorks, has decided to cease publication of the title after 24 years, effective with the March 2014 issue. Some of you may have learned this news as it was “leaked” and I apologize if that’s the case. It’s not what I would have chosen.”

“As much as this represents the end of an era for the IronWorkers, it also presents an opportunity for us to express gratitude for the fulfilling work we so enjoyed and the great times spent among you, our friends in motorcycling. You allowed us to tell your stories, showcase your craftsmanship and peek behind the counters in your shops. We appreciate your support of and interest in IronWorks over the years and prize the friendships that have been forged. I speak for the entire staff when I thank you for the many entertaining and enriching experiences IronWorks enabled.”

“That said, I do regret not being able to follow through on some editorial plans. We’re doing our best to find placements for promised articles that remain unpublished at this time.”

“If you are an IronWorks subscriber, you are entitled to a refund for unfulfilled copies. You may contact Hatton Brown directly or drop me a note—about this or any other concern. And do visit our new Facebook page for Iron Trader News. We’re reviving the original title that predates IronWorks to continue bringing dependable, intelligent information to bikeriders everywhere.”

“Thanks for your interest in IronWorks. It was a great ride.”

Marilyn Stemp
IronWorks Magazine/Iron Iron Trader News

Source: Iron Trader News