Industry Report: Have We Found the Bottom?

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The latest data from the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC), suggests that the end of cascading motorcycle sales may be near. According to the MIC, the combined new unit sales for motorcycles, scooters, and ATVS during the past 9 months were down 40% from last year’s numbers. While still frighteningly low, these results show a 2% rebound in sales when compared to the first 6 months of 2009.

It would appear all segments are showing a similar bounce-back, and on-highway motorcycle sales (the largest category reported by the MIC), have shown a 9-month decline of 43.6%, while the first 6 months was down 45.6% percent in the first half.

Compared to last year’s numbers, the other powersport segments show sales reductions as follows:

  • ATV sales have declined nearly 31% through September, with a total volume of 244,309 units
  • Scooter sales have declined more than 60% through September, with 26,288 unit sales
  • Off-highway motorcycle sales have declined 33.2% from the same quarter a year ago

Source: Powersports Business