The future of Husqvarna is an interesting one to mull over right now as we gear-up for the EICMA show in Milan, Italy next week. Recently acquired by KTM’s Stefan Pierer, through is Pierer Industrie AG company, Husqvarna finds itself now merged into Husaberg, as KTM has consolidated its splintered dirt bike brands back into one cohesive effort.

That move alone in an interesting one, as Husqvarna had begun tackling the on-road world while still under the stewardship of BMW Motorrad — releasing models like the Husqvarna Nuda 900 and concepts like the Husqvarna Moab. The brand now seems destined to stay in the dirt though, but that isn’t keeping Husqvarna away from releasing prototypes and concepts at EICMA, as it seems to do every year.

Husqvarna says “the prototype will offer a visual incite [sic] into the future evolution of the brand,” which should be interesting since that is the biggest question on everyone’s mind at the moment when it comes to the Husqvarna brand.

How will Pierer differentiate Husqvarna from his KTM line of dirt bikes? Will any of the company’s previous “explorations” come to fruition? And, how will the Austrians make Husqvarna profitable again? Hopefully some insight to those questions is coming forth in a few days’ time.

Source: Husqvarna

  • RD350

    My proposal for Husqvarna is to be the first company to offer a premium retro styled street scrambler. Vintage Husky looks with upscale suspension and brakes, light weight and utilizing both the KTM twin and excellent 690 singles.

    Steve McQueen would have bought one … and so will lots of older riders. Well heeled urban hipsters will also appreciate it.

  • Phil

    I can dig that.

  • Just give us a damn proper supermoto… with balls. That I don’t have to service all the time. SOMEBODY.

  • kww

    minor typo, its HUSABERG, not Husabarg
    anyway, the new company will be called Husqvarna + Husabarg = Qvarberg

  • Halfie30

    Ummmm… Triumph Scrambler… Been done

  • RD350

    Well Halfie30 .. I think not.

    My suggestion is for a “premium” street scrambler .. ie something that performs well right off the show room floor.

    The Triumph Scrambler, while kinda pretty, sports low rent suspension and brakes and is kinda heavy. The Triumph motor is soft and requires a good bit of money to make it perform. All told, its a “finish it yourself” bike imo. Guys like Mule make really cool specials out of them, but they cost a bloody fortune.

    The Husqvarna Moab concept bike was the right direction I feel. With KTM power, low weight and top shelf parts (KTM’s usual WP suspension) they would have a winner. And it would be in a completely different class than the mild, budget-component retros that we have seen thus far. It would blow the Triumph Scrambler away.

  • MikeD

    Unless they’re talking about introducing a D.I 2 Stroke to replace their KTM Carbureted engines, they can keep their shitty concept and the pump up noise/propaganda to make themselves look relevant again.
    All i can make off that rear left side profile is what looks like regular Jane dirt bike.

  • paulus

    KTM/Husqvarna will make kick arse MX and Enduro weapons.
    I, for one, am looking forward to seeing their new offers.

    Their ‘standard’ models are so much better than anything else offered from the other manufacturers.

  • RD350

    Another thought:
    Why not dust off the Massimo Tamburini designed Husqvarna CRC Street Supermoto concept .. although penned in 2005 or 2006 it still looks great to me (like all Tamburini designs). A KTM
    690 would slot right in …

  • RD350
  • MikeD


    {Blue’s Voice from “Dick Figures”} (Episode 23, Modern Flame War) ———————–>OHHHH ! . . . THE BEAUTY !

    Yeah, that thing is like a honey trap, for anyone’s bank account or check book.

    2006, HAaaa . . . been a while, too bad we lost this one too.

    If my senile brain doesn’t betray me i could swear i heard the KTM Boss saying that Husqvarna would be keeping themselves to DIRT, NO STREET machines.
    Anyone care to chime in with the Facts ?