Horex VR6 Production Delayed…Again

04/26/2012 @ 1:17 pm, by Jensen Beeler4 COMMENTS

Production on the Horex VR6 Roadster has been delayed again, which is funny because the German motorcycle company announced it was about to start production in February, after encountering delays in September of last year. Citing the addition of a secondary air injection system (SAIS) as the cause for the delay, Horex says the VR6 Roadster will meet current and future emissions standards once it becomes available.

According to Horex, there are two factors in the production delay of the Horex VR6 Roadster. First factor is the tight delivery schedule of important parts due to high demands being placed on automotive suppliers. “We have been repeatedly faced with delays that could only be alleviated by incurring significantly higher costs,” said Horex CEO Clemens Neese.

The second factor was the high emission levels achieved in the homologation testing. In contrast to the pre-production engines, dyno results on the production units showed that emissions from engines were too close to the upper limits, hence the need for a secondary air injection system. The SAIS will work in conjunction with the dual-catalytic converter system that has already been implemented on the Horex VR6.

No timeline has been given for the much touted 197hp supercharged version of the VR6.

Source: Horex

  • MikeD

    It’s official.

    Ugly, eye-heavy, busy looking, space filling shotgun style Exhaust layouts are a European fetish.
    I’m going to flight to Germany with a can of gas and matches and set on fire ALIVE the poor sucker sorry ass stylist who envisioned it on this poor innocent motorcycle.

    Ok, im cool now.

    Well, at least they are not pulling out. Better late than never i guess. (^_^)

  • Damo


    Harsh man, haha!

    I actually like the Horex, but what are the chances of ever seeing one of these putting around in North America? I doubt I will ever even be able to see an actual Horex.

  • irksome

    Interesting that they named it after the talismans where He Who Shall Not Be Named kept the pieces of his soul…

  • MikeD


    Not holding my breath either on seen one live. P.S: I like the bike, i just hate the exhaust. (^_^)


    (red on Chris Griffin’s voice) WHAAAT ! ?