German upstart Horex has announced that production of the Horex VR6 will be delayed from its planned start later this year, and instead will start production in Spring 2012. Citing part supply issues, particularly with the bike’s supercharger unit, Horex will first make available its 160hp normally-aspirated version, while the 197hp supercharged version will start production in late 2012.

The supply chain issue stems from the rebounding of the European OEM parts suppliers industry, who have lately been inundated with parts requests. Getting reportedly shuffled to the back of the queue, Horex does not have parts in the quantities it needs to make a proper production run, and thus has pushed production back further.

“We wanted to have the new Horex on the market in time for the 2012 season,” said Horex CEO Clemens Neese. “Therefore, we decided to move up the production date of the planned, non-supercharged model. The supercharged version of the bike will appear on the market somewhat later.”

On top of the production delays, the German company also announced that the Horex VR6 will instead come with a chain final drive. Horex says that the company’s original plan to have a belt drive had to be nixed, as the belt system did not perform as expected during road trials.

Using an extremely narrow 15(degree) cylinder head offset, Horex’s first motorcycle model takes its name from the bike’s VR6 engine configuration. With 1,218cc of cylinder displacement, the German roadster will have plenty of power in its natural form, though the company has also had a forced-induction version on the cards since Day One.

This announcement from the German company is a bit interesting as it is the first we’ve heard of a motorcycle company citing supply chain issues for its production capabilities. Normally when there is an issue of a motorcycle company with a parts supplier, it stems from the motorcycle manufacturer not having sufficient capital to pay for the parts in advance, as is rumored to be the case currently with MV Agusta.

We’ll get a chance to see the Horex VR6 up-close at EICMA later this year, and hope the company can make its 2012 production deadlines.

Source: Horex

  • MikeD

    Oh…that’s Uber B.S. How’s the belt not rigth for this Model ?

    Why? Because It didn’t get all CAKED UP on GREASE AND ROAD GRIME and it DIDN’T HAVE TO BE ADJUSTED everytime i fart ? Who da hell is going to be changing final drive ratios on this Killer Whale ?

    Im sure $$$ was the main determining factor here, as with almost anything these days. I doubt a modern day belt can’t put up with the Pojected 200hp Target.


  • MikeD

    P.S: This thing is looking better and better by the minute now that i saw it rolling and someone riding it. (^_^ )

  • MikeD

    P.S.1: I was going to say about the MASSIVE Can but that is an easy fix..{albeit xpensive} with the aftermarket.

    Maybe Ducati should talk to Horex and copy their front end set-up(neat looking by the way). It could be the “end all, cure all headaches” Ducati is having with their GP Bike handling…lmao.

  • Bob

    A belt definitely can handle 200 RWHP. I’ve done it myself. There’s more than enough tensile strength in the belts to handle 400 HP. Keeping the teeth on it, long term, might be an issue. I’m a big fan of belts. I have little need to change final drive ratios on a street bike. Even less of a need when you have so much HP at your disposal.

  • Johndo

    Christmas wish list updated.

  • Damo


    Funny I have had nothing but chain bikes my whole life and I don’t recall ever being troubled with excessive maintenance.

    First off try using a high quality paraffin based dry chain lubricant, works much better and nothing sticks to it.

    Second buy a decent chain and it wont stretch so much. I routinely check mine every 700-1000 miles and I haven’t had to adjust mine in over 2,000 miles. Having to chronically adjust your chain is pure rubbish.

  • Damo


    I agree the thing does look great though. Still curious about the price tag. It is a seriously unique machine.

  • Shawn

    I totally agree with dumping the belt. Damo is right, a good chain lube and chain and you’re good to go. And I’d rather be making decisions on if I’d change the final drive, not some guy posting a comment on news-story on the anonymous internet.

  • Ed Gray


    Could I possibly care less………………………………………………….Nope!

  • MikeD


    Im gonna give it a go to this Paraffin lube u mentioned…who makes it ? I have a can of BellRay Chain Lube(dark-tacky)…im affraid is not what ur talking about.

    Price…probably will be more than a V-MAX or an MT-01 or Carbon Diavel.
    The idea of riding a narrow v-six with the size of an I3 and Tons of power on tap sure is aluring. Call me Greedy…and foolish…i don’t care. lol. Too bad im too broke to even dream about it. (^_^ )

  • MikeD

    @Bob…go figure…after all we don’t wear fancy white lab coats and have a degree in a atom splitting nor own and manage our own motorcycle company and it’s R&D Department..
    …chain, no chain…im not the target costumer so is W/E.

  • $28,000. projected price maybe $22k-$25k without supercharger on the first production run.
    Merry Christmas