German Motorcycle Brand Horex Files for Bankruptcy

09/03/2014 @ 1:15 am, by Jensen Beeler8 COMMENTS


The restart of the German Horex brand hasn’t been an easy one, as we watched the company’s impressive plans for a supercharged VR6 roadster slowly become watered down into a handsome, although entirely uninteresting naked bike, which included the addition of the derivative “Classic” and “Cafe Racer” models as well.

It’s not that the Horex VR6 wasn’t received well, it’s just no one wanted to purchase the bike at its $30,000+ price tag, especially after the numerous production delays. As such, we sadly report that Horex has become insolvent, and filed for bankruptcy, according to reports out of Europe.

What that means for the brand isn’t immediately clear, though the company will certainly need some restructuring if it is to continue operations. If the company can show a viable plan to sustainability, production and sales could continue at Horex.

However, if the company can’t convince investors and the bankruptcy court of Horex’s viability, the end of the line could be around the next apex, for the German marque.







  • Thanks for quoting my SPIEGEL article – here just one correction: The price is 23.000 to 24.500 euro. A 33.333 Euro tag is just for the last special and limited release Horex 33 ltd. Cheers, Jochen

  • Cheers Jochen, our article converts the price to dollars, instead of euros. Unfortunately the dollar doesn’t go too far, and the base VR6 is just over $30,000 USD.

  • Ok, got it, Cheers J.

  • AHA

    Curious why the Horex was ‘entirely uninteresting’ especially in view of your glowing praise of the Midual? Not sniping, genuinely interested. It would educate me to understand more how you compare and contrast their aesthetics and engineering sophistication etc.

  • Starmag

    I agree. A VR6 in a bike for the first time is uninteresting?

  • A shame but it shows the difficult situation motorcycle producers have, especially the ones having smaller productions (Bimota, Norton, etc.) Apparantly there were 400 VR6’s sold; I can find at least 10 new machines on German websites so it seems dealers bought(?) most bikes? Will this be a collectors bike? Or will some chinese company buy Horex cheaply?

  • MikeD

    Darn Shame but im not surprised AT ALL. Tuff times we are leaving, specially for small manufacturers and up and coming brands.

    @AHA: The Midual IMHO looks like Cow Pie next to the Horex.

    If anything the engine by itself on the Horex takes the GOLD, no questions asked.

    That Midual is like the Proverbial ” Sperm Whale Foreskin Leather Seat “. An Attention Whore Marking Beacon.

  • AHA, It’s a fine enough looking machine…certainly not a bad design, but it lacks anything that defines it as special. For $30k, a bike better move me.

    I wouldn’t say that I had glowing things to say about the Midual…the bike is different for the sake of being different, which doesn’t float my boat either. However, I can see the attention to detail in that machine. Someone really sat down and thought about how to craft each part. It’s not my cup of tea at $180k, but I at least “get it” and a dozen or so people will buy them, which is all that’s expected.

    Two interesting bikes to compare. That’s my take on them.