Honda Motorcycle Sales Down 5% in 2012

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Honda Motor Co. has reported its 2012 sales figures, with the Japanese behemoth showing a 5% sales drop for 2012, when compared to 2011. Selling 15.6 million units last year, Honda made progress in its home country Japan (+1%), as well as in North America (+25%) and Europe (+22%).

However in Honda’s most volume-heavy markets, the company suffered modest loses: South America (-14%), Asia (-5%), and China (-1%). With three out of four Honda motorcycles being sold in Asia, the region’s 5% dip essentially assured the Japanese company’s sales loss for the year.

Honda’s 2012 figures reveal some interesting data points, namely that the first-world markets are showing signs of life again for the the Japanese OEMs, who have been slower to recovery than the European brands in the same markets.

Another interesting trend is the slow-down in the Asian markets, which for the past few years have been carrying companies like Honda. Whether the loses are due to the increased competition in the region, or a larger sales trend remains to be seen, but it is worth keeping an eye upon.

Source: Honda