Honda to Debut Electric Two-Wheeler in 2010…Again

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Visordown is reporting today that Honda has announced that the company will have a battery-powered two-wheeler (notice the absence of the word motorcycle) available to corporate customers in 2010. However, if you’re a loyal A&R reader (as you damn well better be), you of course know that this announcement isn’t anything new. What is interesting though, is how Honda plans to stick their toe into the electric waters.

Tatsuhiro Oyama, head of Honda’s motorcycle operations, says the new machine will be powered by a lithium-ion battery, and is rumored to be powered by battery giant Yuasa (this much we already knew). However, Oyama goes on to say that this particular project will focus solely on corporate customers, targeting organizations like the postal office, fast food outlets, and seemingly other business that need vehicles that make short, but speedy trips.

By focusing on organizations that have very specific needs and goals for their vehicles, Honda will be able to start development on a larger R&D course to a full-sized production motorcycle, while gaining real life knowledge through actual sales and customer feedback. This would therefore seem to be a low-risk entry for Honda into the electric motorcycle fray. Clever like a fox.

Source: Visordown