Harley-Davidson Sales Up 4.4% for 2013

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The brand that seems to polarize motorcyclists worldwide but is inextricably tied to the image of “the biker”, did quite well in 2013. Hot off the presses of Harley-Davidson’s Accounting and Finance department in Milwaukee is the 2013 sales report detailing their growth in worldwide new motorcycle sales.

For 2013, H-D sold 5.7% more bikes in the fourth quarter and 4.4% over the full-year compared to the previous year.  Full year net income was $734 million on consolidated revenue of $5.9 billion. Compared to 2012 when the net income was $623.9 million on consolidated revenue of $5.58 billion.

President and CEO Keith Wandell cites various reasons for this success: “without question 2013 was an outstanding year for Harley-Davidson. We unveiled game-changing motorcycles like Project Rushmore and Street, launched surge manufacturing, celebrated our 110th anniversary with customers around the globe and delivered continued financial growth.”

The document also highlights improvements in organizational structure, employer, dealer and supplier support and efforts to expand the brands accessibility to broader audiences.

For 2013, 260,839 Harleys were sold worldwide with roughly two-thirds of them sold in the United States (167,016 units sold in the US, 74,039 sold abroad). The US market thus remains a sales stronghold for the brand, and these figures speak to the continued relevancy of the Harley marketing image and saliency in American motorcycling culture.

With Harley now looking towards the East to expand their cruiser empire bikes like the Street, it will be interesting to see whether the rest of the world will buy into the tired clichés of freedom, the open road, and rebellion betwixt your legs that is purportedly embodied in every Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Let the flame war begin.

2013 Harley-Davidson Quarterly Motorcycle Shipments

Sportster 13,588 16,907 11,903 7,910 50,308
Custom* 30,302 35,315 19,111 18,222 102,950
Touring 31,332 32,384 23,011 20,486 107,471
Total 75,222 84,606 54,025 46,618 260,471
Domestic 50,683 57,070 32,061 27,202 167,016
International 24,539 27,536 21,964 19,416 74,039
Total 75,222 84,606 54,025 46,618 260,471

Source: Harley-Davidson