Harley-Davidson Considering an Electric Model

04/01/2011 @ 10:11 am, by Jensen Beeler10 COMMENTS

Our favorite brand from Milwaukee continues to surprise us, as we’ve gotten confirmed reports that Harley-Davidson is considering an electric model to its line-up. Details are scarce on the project, but the company has made a poor secret out of its desire to return as an industry innovator (yes, there was in-fact a time when you could call a Harley-Davidson a trendsetter in the motorcycle industry…it just hasn’t been in this blogger’s lifetime). Likely eyeing the next big trend in motorcycling, internally the Bar & Shield brtand has been exploring the idea of an electric or hybrid ICE/electric drive train.

It’s not clear if Harley-Davidson intends for this eco-friendlier motorcycle to fit into its cruiser line-up (they’e all cruisers mind you, don’t let those bastards in Milwaukee tell you otherwise), or if the model, should it make it to production, would fit into a different segment, perhaps filling in as an entry-level motorcycle like the now crushed Buell Blast did (Harley has been rumored to be working on a new entry-level bike for beginning riders).

While this part of the rumor is purely speculative, it would make sense for Harley-Davidson to test the waters with an electric entry-level Blast-style motorcycle. Not only is the entry-level market more conducive to electric drive trains right now, but the low-powered and smaller motorcycle could be perceived as faraway enough from Harley’s core-heavyweight product line as to effectively minimize any brand dilution that could occur from its introduction.

The other possibility is that Harley-Davidson explores the idea, kills it internally, and later collapses in on itself like a dying star. Either way, stay tuned as we’ll keep you posted on either outcome.

  • I’ve encountered many Harley riders here in Missouri while riding on my Brammo Enertia. After I show them my bike, I can say that each and every one of them are anxiously awaiting an emissions-free, Earth-friendly, electric motorcycle to park between their current Hogs and their Prii. All they ask is for a collection of HD-ELECTRIC clothing, gear, and merchandise to buy along with the new bike.

  • Dabber

    That would be shocking if true! I would love for an American motorcycle company to innovate again! But HD and Victory might be stuck in a loop. I’ve owned both so I’m not a hater. Sportbikes first then electric.

  • I hear it has a “loud pipes” option of a loudspeaker and an mp3 someone revving straight pipes.

  • Shaitan

    Let them drink ZIMA!

    Nice April fools!

  • Balzaak

    will it be self parking with uncontrollable acceleration caused by user error?

  • db

    Why not make something electric? They already know how to build a vibrator.

  • Ecosse

    april fools.

  • irksome

    Shocking news. Keep us current.

  • Greg

    Will it still leak oil?

  • Dr. Gellar

    I’m guessing it will either be a new generation “Electra Glide”, or it will use the former Buell names Lightning or Thunderbolt… :-P