Harley-Davidson Considering an Electric Model

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Our favorite brand from Milwaukee continues to surprise us, as we’ve gotten confirmed reports that Harley-Davidson is considering an electric model to its line-up.

Details are scarce on the project, but the company has made a poor secret out of its desire to return as an industry innovator (yes, there was in-fact a time when you could call a Harley-Davidson a trendsetter in the motorcycle industry…it just hasn’t been in this blogger’s lifetime).

Likely eyeing the next big trend in motorcycling, internally the Bar & Shield brtand has been exploring the idea of an electric or hybrid ICE/electric drive train.

It’s not clear if Harley-Davidson intends for this eco-friendlier motorcycle to fit into its cruiser lineup (they’e all cruisers mind you, don’t let those bastards in Milwaukee tell you otherwise), or if the model, should it make it to production, would fit into a different segment, perhaps filling in as an entry-level motorcycle like the now crushed Buell Blast did (Harley has been rumored to be working on a new entry-level bike for beginning riders).

While this part of the rumor is purely speculative, it would make sense for Harley-Davidson to test the waters with an electric entry-level Blast-style motorcycle.

Not only is the entry-level market more conducive to electric drive trains right now, but the low-powered and smaller motorcycle could be perceived as faraway enough from Harley’s core-heavyweight product line as to effectively minimize any brand dilution that could occur from its introduction.

The other possibility is that Harley-Davidson explores the idea, kills it internally, and later collapses in on itself like a dying star. Either way, stay tuned as we’ll keep you posted on either outcome.

Source: Bothan Spies