Happy Holidays from Asphalt & Rubber

12/25/2011 @ 2:09 pm, by Jensen Beeler9 COMMENTS

Seasons Greetings from A&R. While we stoke the fires on the yule log, everyone at Asphalt & Rubber would like to wish our readers a Happy Holiday. We’ll be taking the day off as we sip some cider and gorge ourselves on delicious nom noms (yeah…nom noms), but we should be back in the swing of things on Monday. Whatever your denomination, we hope it is spent with good friends and family, and that the two-wheeled vehicle in your garage gets some seasonal merriment as well.

  • Bryan

    Happy Holidays all.
    Man I wish I woke up to that in the stocking

  • Damo

    Merry Xmas!

    The aprilia got a monoposto conversion and nice new exhaust can, courtesy of Fuel Exhausts Ltd, UK.

    Hope everyone has a good holiday.

  • MikeD

    Jensen u are such a Ducati FanBoy…LOL…Happy HollyDays to u and everyone around here.
    Cheers here to another year with more and better articles…(^_^)

  • MikeD

    P.S: Crap, i knew i was typing Holiday WRONG…(-_-), thanks Damo, LOL.

  • Faust


    You took off the Giannelli!? Nooooo! Anyway, hope you guys had a good Christmas. The CBR got new tires, some Watsen flush mounts, and a solo cowl. Now I just need to get home from Kuwait so I can get it all on!

  • Damo


    The Giannelli was beat, but with the racing mount on and the passenger foot-pegs off, the bike looks about 400% better and still roars.

    If you visit home in the summer I’ll still have enough bikes in the stable that we can burn up the back roads of Massachusetts!

  • What a great holiday card, BUT the color of Santa’s hat should match that Panigale S. (small but important detail!)

  • Westward

    Monday must be research and rough draft day…

    Tuesday morning is almost done and I haven’t had my cup of A&R…

    = \

  • Well of course by “Monday” I meant Tuesday afternoon. You guys should know that by now. :-P