A Great Loss: Massimo Tamburini Has Died

04/06/2014 @ 2:07 pm, by Jensen Beeler18 COMMENTS


It is our unfortunate task today to report that Massimo Tamburini, 70-years-old, has died this weekend, succumbing to his battle with cancer. A maestro of design in the motorcycle industry, Tamburini gave motorcycling two of its greatest treasures: the Ducati 916 Superbike and the MV Agusta F4 – two of the most iconic sport bikes in modern time.

It almost doesn’t do the man justice to list all of his accomplishments and creations, as surely some would fall through our words, but Tamburini is best known for his contributions to Cagiva, Ducati, MV Agusta, and Bimota — with the last two letters in “Bimota” standing for the first two letters in “Tamburini”.

A founder of the Cagiva Research Center, Tamburini’s greatest work came while the company was owned by Ducati, and later MV Agusta. Bringing the single-sided swingarm design and undertail exhaust configuration to Ducati’s design ethos, Tamburini’s work while at the Bologna firm set the tenor for the Ducati motorcycle aesthetic, which influences designs being produced even today.

While at MV Agusta, Tamburini’s work had an even larger influence, with the Varese company’s current model line-up still heavily built upon Tamburini’s first iterations of the F4 superbike and Brutale street-naked.

Tamburini’s work even transcended the two-wheeled world, and entered into the mainstream consciousness, as his motorcycles were featured at the The Guggenheim Museum in New York City, during “The Art of the Motorcycle” exhibit.

A legend in his lifetime, Tamburini’s work will surely inspire many more generations of motorcycle and automotive designers still to come. Our sincere condolences to his friends and family as we mourn this great loss; but also too, as we celebrate his remarkable lifetime of work.






Source: MotoSprint

  • Stephano

    R.I.P, Mastero!!!

  • This is very sad news.

    Mr Tamburini gave the world motorcycle designs that appealed to non-motorcyclists, almost single-handedly defining the bedroom poster bike for the past three decades.

    I am touched by his passing.

  • Hugh Docherty

    RIP Massimo and thank you.
    Condolences to family and friends.

  • Affendi

    Rest In Peace Maestro Tamburini. Condolences to family and friends from us in Malaysia.Your works of art will forever be cherished worldwide.

  • A Great Man
    In his idea’s , He reached out around the world, touched so many people, i one of them.
    I would like to say thank you , for one of my dreams,
    Sleep well, your’ll be missed

  • Erv Kollek

    Incredible loss…a Genius who invented arguably the most important motorcycle in history. God Speed Maestro!

  • Lewis Dawson

    Godspeed, Maestro Tamburini. Your amazing legacy will live on.

  • Robert Chase

    None of us live forever. Except for Mr. Tamburini. His memory will live forever each and every time a Ducati 916 or an MV Agusta F4 roars by and touches peoples lives.

  • RIP Maestro. Although I have not owned any of his creation, I did own an 848 which I always think that the essence was his creation, despite not actually being designed by him. And that fact alone made me a proud owner of it.

  • smiler

    So many other bikes as well, as if thise above were not enough.
    Real shame.

  • Enzo

    It was Saturday afternoon that I drooled over a final edition 998s and watched it as it fired up and roared away with the unmistakable drone of the Termignoni silenced Testastretta.
    Massimo was saying Ciao, I had not realised it.

  • Looter

    What a great talent and a great loss. Mr. Tamburini, thank you for making many of us fall in love with the motorcycle.

  • Sebastienofparisfrance

    Absolute loss for the motorbike world. My MV Agusta Brutale 910R and myself are orpheans today.

    RIP Maestro and sincere condoleances to your family.

  • Wayne Thomas

    Tamburini and Tony Benn lost within the month. Not a good time.

  • artdrectr

    A great designer. RIP, sir.
    And, does this mean my 906 Paso will be worth something soon?!

  • Rene Sten

    A true artiste who brought beauty to the art if motorcycle design. Will be sorely missed but remembered every time a Ducati or MVP is ridden.

  • Rene Sten

    A true artiste who brought beauty to the art of motorcycle design. Will be sorely missed but remembered every time a Ducati or MV is ridden.

  • Kim

    R.I.P. Mr Tamburini, a truley great loss for the World.

    But there is an big error in the article. It´s not Ducati and MV Agusta that owned Cagiva, it´s the other way around. It´s Cagiva that owned Ducati (it was during this time the 916 was designed by Tamburini at the CRC) and later on bought and restarded the MV Agusta brand.