Governator Gets Ready to Pump $20 Billion in Speed Camera Violation Revenues into California

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California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is pushing for a massive statewide speed camera initiative which could help super-set the Golden State’s budget to the tune of $19.9 billion in revenue, and make the state $397.5 million in bulging net income. California is currently sweating a massive budget deficiet, and despite Arnie’s chopper riding roots, he seems to see stretching government control as a method to dead-lift California out of debt.

Speaking several days ago, Gov. Schwarzenegger said the following, “various federal rules are tying our hands and preventing us from reducing costs in some state programs. I want to remind the federal judges and the politicians California is not Washington. We do not have the luxury of printing money or running trillion-dollar deficits.” Schwarzenegger was is obviously referring to the federal government’s ability to flex its influence with the U.S. Treasury.

The move for speed cameras isn’t exactly a new one in the United States, but this is the first we’ve heard of an entire state adopting such a lean and mean program. Phoenix, Arizona for example has a speed camera system in place, and charges tickets in the ballpark of $30 per infraction. No word yet if California’s proposed ticketing structure will be similarly priced if the measure goes through.

Source: Arnold Schwarzenegger Soundboard